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5 big things in AI that happened this week: Apple developing AI chips, US restricts exports of AI models and more



AI roundup: Apple is reportedly developing artificial intelligence software in data centers. The company will be using its chip design to create an infrastructure and it is expected to be focused on running AI models. In other news, US lawmakers announced a new bill in which the Biden administration will be empowered to impose export restrictions on AI models. Know more about what happened in the world of AI this week.

  1. Apple is building AI chips for data centers

Apple is developing AI chips to run artificial intelligence software in data centers. Not many details were revealed, but the project is codenamed Project ACDC (Apple Chips in Data Center) which is utilizing Apple’s chip design to develop the infrastructure of the servers. Reportedly, the project has been in the works for several years and it is closely working with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, according to a Reuters report.

2. US lawmakers announced a new bill for AI model export

The bipartisan group of lawmakers announced the new bill that will empower the Biden administration to restrict the export of AI models to other nations. This move is expected to protect US technology from getting into the wrong hands. Additionally, it will also give power to the Commerce Department express authority to restrain American companies from working with foreigners to develop AI systems which is risky for the nation, according to a Reuters report.

3. Meta is expanding its generative AI ad products

Meta Platforms this week announced the expansion of its generative AI-based tool for advertisers. This will empower users with advanced AI tools which will “automatically create variations of images and overlay text atop them,” according to a Reuters report. Currently, the tools are being tested and they will include features such as image generation, text generation, creating video ads for Reels, and much more with the help of Meta AI assistant.

4. Google DeepMind introduced an AI model for drug discovery

Google Deepmind announced the third version of its artificial intelligence model, AlphaFold which will allow scientists to design drugs. Therefore, scientists will be able to study how proteins work with other molecules to develop new medicines. Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind said, “With these new capabilities, we can design a molecule that will bind to a specific place on a protein, and we can predict how strongly it will bind. It’s a critical step if you want to design drugs and compounds that will help with disease,” according to a Reuters report.

5. Google announced the AI-powered Circle to Search feature for iPhone

After making its way to several Samsung and Pixel devices, Google announced that the AI-powered Circle to Search feature will be made available for iPhone users. To use these Google features, iPhone users are advised to download the iOS 17.4 version after which the Circle to Search feature for iPhone will be installed. iPhone user can select the Search your screenshot option in their Google app to activate the feature.

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