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About Us | Business Wire

Our Structure

Bureaus around the world. Full-service newsrooms in North America, Europe and Asia. That’s our idea of localized service. Our local newsrooms mean your news is distributed safely, securely and accurately by seasoned editors who know you and your business.

Our Editorial Team

Experience matters. We have more than 150 editors averaging 12+ years of tenure. Speed and accuracy also matter. Our editorial team has the expertise, perspective and know-how to get your news where it matters most.

Our Account Team

We understand that success means aligning your goal and content with your audience. Our account team is here to help. With more than 1,600 distribution options from global to niche, our experts will help you match your news to your audiences.

Our Relationships

We deliver your news into the content management systems of the AP, Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and other news media. Reporters have immediate access to your release from their own systems, ensuring your news gets the attention it deserves. Distribution options include a global circuit delivered in more than 20 languages and 200+ industry and trade categories.

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