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America’s AI takeover: New map reveals US cities DOOMED to lose the most jobs to tech… is YOUR hometown at risk?



Artificial intelligence is taking over countless industries around the U.S., raising concerns among Americans who fear they will be replaced by the tech.

Now, new research has revealed the most and least AI-proof cities across the nation, based on five key metrics including job availability, the state’s population growth rate, and job diversity.

Workers based in major tech hubs should look to large, coastal metropolitan areas if they want to avoid losing out to artificial intelligence, with Phoenix, Arizona coming in first as the most AI-proof city in the country.

The report warned that Providence, Rhode Island is the top city most susceptible to AI-related job loss.

A report revealed the best cities to move to if you want to avoid AI and the top cities you should consider moving away from. The green thumbs up are the safest places for jobs, while the red thumbs down are locations set to lose employment to AI

Researchers looked at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine the total number of available jobs in major cities and the range of economic diversity in those areas.

They then considered the economic growth rate and how many jobs have a low risk of being taken over AI.

The team averaged the scores from the 50 most populated cities in the U.S. to come up with which cities are susceptible to AI.

The report, published by online betting site Casinos.US, determined that people working out of tech hubs like Austin, Raleigh, San Jose, and San Francisco have the most job security.

The report noted that these cities are most likely the safest because AI-related jobs will become the new norm, creating more jobs in the tech industry.

‘This could very well be because AI-related jobs are going to be the new norm in a relatively short time, but it could also be because technology is likely going to be the industry that sees the largest boom because of automation,’ the report said.

Los Angeles, California is among the top cities to move to for job security as AI jobs takeover

Los Angeles, California is among the top cities to move to for job security as AI jobs takeover

However, if you’re living in a hyper-specialized industrial city that focuses on manufacturing, it might be time to consider relocating, the report warned.

That included places like Hartford, Connecticut, New Orleans, Louisiana, Memphis, Tennessee, and Tucson, Arizona. 

When a large portion of a city focuses on just one industry, like manufacturing, it becomes high risk for AI to replace jobs.

That was true about the textile workers in the early 1800s and switchboard operators in the 1960s who all lost their jobs to technological advancements.

‘If you’re concerned about maintaining a career in the face of the AI takeover,’ the report said, ‘consider moving to a city where job diversification and economic growth mean humans will still be relevant in a few years.’

The majority of the high-ranking cities for AI safety are major metropolitan areas and large state capitals because there is a more diverse range of industries that could provide additional job security as AI technology advances.

Phoenix earned the top spot out of the best cities because of its wide range of careers and concentrated jobs that have a low risk of being replaced by AI – like firefighters, surgeons, and heavy equipment operators.

There are roughly 95,000 job openings across a wide range of industries in Phoenix, which combined with its 1.2 percent economic growth in 2022, makes it an ideal city to work, the report stated. 

Meanwhile, Providence’s job availability is less than one-third of Phoenix’s, with only 24,500 job openings and reported just a .1 percent economic growth in 2022. 

Artificial intelligence can quickly take over jobs as the technology becomes more commonplace

Artificial intelligence can quickly take over jobs as the technology becomes more commonplace

The report identified that only one-fifth of the job openings in Providence are AI-proof, making it the worst place to live if you want to escape AI. 

According to LinkedIn, the number of job postings mentioning AI has more than doubled since 2021, while the technology contributed to more than 4,000 jobs lost in May of last year, according to a separate report by Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

LinkedIn job posts that mention AI or generative AI have seen a 17 percent growth in the last two years over job posts that don’t mention artificial intelligence.

Jobs in the U.S. that are likely to have a high risk of being replaced by AI include budget analysts, technical writers, and web developers, while careers as barbers, firefighters, and pipelayers have the lowest risk, according to a Pew Research Center report.

Falling in the middle for the most at-risk jobs positions are chief executives, veterinarians, interior designers, and sales managers.

Meanwhile, jobs that will have increasing demand are technology-based occupations including machine learning engineers, natural language processing (NLP) scientists, software developers, and data scientists.

‘We’re seeing demand for AI skills increasingly appear across a wide range of industries and geographies,’ Olivier Sabella, vice president of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, told CNBC.

‘These job posts vary from roles where professionals will directly work on AI development, such as AI engineer, to job postings where AI is listed as a required skill.’

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