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And this is shopping: Poland spent millions of dollars to buy American weapons – Free Press



American arms sales have also increased due to the fact that many countries have abandoned Russian weapons, although Russia has been the second largest arms seller after the United States for decades.

The sale of American weapons abroad increased dramatically last year due to the war in Ukraine and reached a record 238 billion dollars, writes the BBC, and B92 reports.

The US government has directly negotiated arms sales worth $81 billion, a 56 percent increase compared to 2022, the US State Department confirmed.

The rest were direct sales of US military companies to foreign countries.

Poland, which is currently looking to expand its military capabilities, is among the biggest buyers of US weapons. Poland bought Apache helicopters for $12 billion and paid $10 billion for high-mobility missile systems (Himars) and $3,75 billion for M1A1 Abrams tanks, according to a US government fiscal report.

Poland also spent $4 billion on integrated air and missile defense command systems, Poslovni Dnevnik reports.

Germany is said to have spent $8,5 billion on Chinook helicopters, Bulgaria paid $1,5 billion for Stryker armored vehicles, Norway bought $1 billion worth of multi-mission helicopters, and the Czech Republic bought F-35s and $6,6 billion worth of ammunition. The sale of American weapons has increased because many countries have given up Russian weapons, the BBC reported.

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