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Are tickets on sale now for the 2026 FIFA World Cup? What to know



The 2026 FIFA World Cup is taking shape.

We already knew the 16 host cites across the United States, Mexico and Canada that would host the soccer tournament. And now there are details about where each round of the World Cup will take place.

The opening World Cup match will feature Mexico and be held in Mexico City, while the U.S. men’s national team will begin play at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. The last two teams standing in the tournament will battle it out at for the World Cup title at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

While the opening kickoff is still more than two years away, excitement is already building for the World Cup to make its return to North America. And the 2026 event will see the field of teams expand from 32 to 48 for the first time.

So, when and how can soccer fans secure tickets to the historic event? Here’s what to know:

When is the 2026 FIFA World Cup?

The 2026 World Cup will run from June 11, 2026, to July 19, 2026.

Are FIFA World Cup 2026 tickets on sale now?

Tickets for the 2026 World Cup are not on sale yet.

When will FIFA World Cup 2026 tickets go on sale?

FIFA hasn’t released any details about when tickets will be available for purchase, and it could be a while until fans can buy them. Tickets for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar were first made available just 10 months before the tournament started.

Fans interested in buying tickets for 2026 event can sign up here to receive the latest news and information about tickets from FIFA.

How much will FIFA World Cup 2026 tickets cost?

It’s also unclear how much 2026 World Cup tickets will cost.

For the 2022 tournament, tickets were sold exclusively through FIFA in a several-phase process featuring random lottery drawings of ticket applications and first-come, first-serve sales.

There were also four different ticket categories, with Category 1 being the most expensive and Category 4 being both the cheapest and reserved just for Qatar residents. Here were the approximate price ranges of a single ticket for each round (the first price was Category 4 and the second was Category 1):

Opening match: $55-$618

Group play: $11-$220

Round of 16: $19-$275

Quarterfinals: $82-$426

Semifinals: $137-$956

Third-place match: $82-$426

Final: $206-$1,607

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