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Ayan Broomfield’s Motorsport Excursions Elicit Flirty Banter From Boyfriend Frances Tiafoe



Out of all the things that Frances Tiafoe is known for, his love life has been something immensely popular among fans. While the tennis star has been sharing bits about his relationship with tennis player Ayan Broomfield for a long time, their witty chemistry never fails to make highlights.

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Ayan Broomfield recently surprised the fans as she tried her hand at a different circuit. While the track happened to be a new one for the ITF star, Tiafoe dropped a response to invite her for a witty banter.

Frances Tiafoe teases his girlfriend as she cruises in a blazing ride


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American tennis star Frances Tiafoe and his girlfriend Ayan Broomfield have been in the spotlight on social media. While the platform this time was not a tennis court but a high-speed racing track, Tiafoe’s witty comment of teasing Broomfield was adored by the fans. Known for her stunning poses and adventurous spirit, Broomfield recently shared a post on Instagram in which she can be seen alongside a glossy Cadillac.

The ITF star also described her experience of the ride, saying, “Race car experience with @cadillac @cadillacvacademy @springmountainmotorsports 🏁 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds with up to 682 horsepower #beiconic.” The post aroused excitement among the fans as they saw something unique this time around.

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This wasn’t the end of it. As Tiafoe came across the post, he couldn’t hold himself back from teasing the love of his life. “Video of you driving got me dying 😂😂😂,” he commented. This humorous response added a layer of light-heartedness to the couple’s chemistry, showing their affectionate bond.


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Broomfield expresses excitement about enjoying the furious ride

While Frances Tiafoe’s comment added a touch of humor to Ayan Broomfield’s recent post, the ride that she enjoyed was on the contrary. As the ITF player took a leap from the action on the court to multiple miles in merely seconds, she expressed her excitement behind the take.


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“The way I faced one of my biggest fears yesterday, I am absolutely not a thrill seeker but stepped out of my comfort zone and officially have a new hobby,” she said. As the recent post saw Tiafoe’s amazing chemistry that involves both fun and support for the love of her life, it stands to be a point to adore for the fans.

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