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Barber Shop Hosts Talks With Law Enforcement To Bring Community Together



A group of Tulsans believe making a community better begins with conversation.

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office and Color Free America hope a conversation that started Saturday in Barber King Barbershop will help people in the city. 

Michael Counsellor owns Barber King, and he tries to create a safe space for his customers to discuss what is happening where they live. 

“We just kind of chop it up. Sometimes it gets heated, sometimes it gets more emotional than we want but they are free to do that here in the barber shop,” Counsellor said.

That’s why he decided to bring in Dr. Howard Hatcher with Color Free America and the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office to encourage dialogue between people and law enforcement.

“I think this is the healing process where we’re not supposed to be so intimidated about the police and the Sheriff’s presence, but to be comfortable and free and not be so standoffish, so I think it’s a big deal that they are here,” Counsellor said.

Color Free America is working with the TCSO on a program for their deputies to better manage the everyday stress of the job as well as how to deal with someone experiencing a mental health crisis. 

“We have input with law enforcement for mental health, we can also have input for citizens who need a pathway for recovery,” Hatcher said.

Sheriff Vic Regalado educated the people in attendance on the dangers of fentanyl. 

“The danger of it all and what the law enforcement is dealing with, they have a different perspective that they are right in the middle of the trenches of it all,” Counsellor said.

Counsellor hopes the discussion is the start of something bigger.

“Every age bracket represented and everybody on the same page,” Counsellor said. “That is pretty cool.”

Counsellor hopes to schedule more talks at the Barbershop with Dr. Howard’s help and bring in other public officials from the community. 

To learn more about Color Free America, click here

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