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BIBI clarifies that her under-boob fashion during her interview on an American TV show was unintentional



Singer and actress BIBI clarified her choice of outfit in the past during a recent appearance on ‘Radio Star.’

On the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star’ aired on February 7, the show featured singer-songwriter Jung Jae Hyung, singers Jang Ki Ha, Car, the Garden, and BIBI.

During the broadcast, BIBI revisited her appearance on the American talk show ‘Entertainment Tonight,‘ where her bold attire sparked discussion.

Reflecting on the experience, BIBI shared, “When I appeared on the American talk show, it was just another day at work for me. Wearing a bra isn’t my style; it’s too uncomfortable. But I’m aware people might take notice, so I always opt for patches.

Detailing the outfit controversy further, she explained, “Back then, I was also wearing patches. However, the outfit I wore on the American talk show had slits at the bottom that gradually rose up, inadvertently revealing the area below my chest, creating what some might call an ‘underboob’ effect.

Expressing her surprise, she added, “When others wore the same outfit, it wasn’t intended to be an underboob outfit. So I was surprised (when I saw my outfit) and thought ‘It was that bad?’

Car, the Garden, expressed surprise and said, “So you didn’t intend that outfit to be like that,” while MC Kim Gura injected humor by suggesting, “It would be amusing if the clothes came with warning sounds.” MC Yoo Se Yoon lightened the mood by mimicking a warning sound, exclaiming, “Underboob, underboob!” making everyone laugh.

Kim Gu Ra clarified, “I just suggested the idea because the outfit may cause discomfort.”

Wrapping up, BIBI shared, “In the end, I received a surprisingly positive response. It was quite heartening,” expressing gratitude for the unexpected turn of events.

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