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Community Convergence



Greetings, Adventurers!

Join us for a celebration of your time on the Eternal Isle from May 13 through June 3. Community Convergence is packed with contests, player spotlights, XP bonuses, a special players’ choice Twitch Drop, and more to give back to every Adventurer. Return to this page each Monday at 9AM during the event for a look at what’s to come for the week.

Week 1 Activities

Check out our latest episode of Forged in Aeternum for an overview of the festivities.

Weekly Contest

Each week during the Community Convergence event, players can enter contests for prizes such as Marks of Fortune, Transmog Tokens, or other surprises! Join all 3 weekly contests on X, Instagram, and Discord for even more chances to win. Each platform will have its own prize.

This week we’re celebrating all things fashion in Aeternum. Show off your favorite outfit for a chance to win 100,000 Marks of Fortune and 5 Transmog Tokens!

Follow us on each platform and see the post descriptions for full details on how to participate. Terms and conditions can be found here.

Free Housing Item

Claim your free Bear Skin Rug from the in-game store from May 13 (9AM PT) through May 20 (9AM PT).

Player Choice Twitch Drop

Follow us on X to vote in a poll for which free Twitch Drop cache you’d like to unlock. Voting will open on the New World X on Tuesday, May 14 (12PM PT).

Choose between one of the following:

Gilded Verdure Cache

  • Vial of Suspended Azoth x10, Runestone Stopwatch x1, Dark Matter x20, Gypsum Orb x5, Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetables x10, Tall Green Ivy Trellis x2.

Ronin’s Shadow Cache

  • Vial of Suspended Azoth x10, Dark Matter x50, Gypsum Orb x5, Verdant High Bed x1, Round Standing Lantern x1, Powerful Proficiency Boost x10.

New Year, New Cache

  • Vial of Suspended Azoth x10, Dark Matter x50, Gypsum Orb x5, Powerful Gemstone Dust x10, Cutout Standing Lantern x2, Rosewood Weapon Rack x1.

Winter Mercenary’s Cache

  • Vial of Suspended Azoth x10, Dark Matter x50, Gypsum Orb x5, Crowded Armory Rack x1, Ruby Geometric Rug x1, Powerful Honing Stone x10.

The Twitch Drop that receives the most votes will go live on May 21.

During Community Convergence, we want to celebrate all types of New World creators, and highlight their streams on dedicated days during the event.

The featured creator this week is a staple in the New World community, BagginsTV. Baggins is a healing guru and an experienced PVE and PVP player, who prides himself on his welcoming, relaxed videos where many new and established New World players drop by to improve their gameplay.

Join Baggins and the Runners of Aeternum this week to take on an epic quest to visit all the most famous animals in Aeternum.

When: May 15, 12PM PT (7PM UTC)


How to Participate: Tune in to BagginsTV channel on Twitch at start time to see the race route map. The race will be held on the worlds Maramma, Nysa, and El Dorado. Log in to your character on one of the participating worlds and meet at the starting point. Each world will have a team captain that will host their race. Be the first to visit Stanley, Nekumanesh, and pet Barkimedes, using the route presented on the stream, to win! All manual movement such as abilities or mounts is permitted, but teleports using shrines or recalls are not.

Player Spotlight

Get to know some of your fellow Adventurers throughout Community Convergence. Our first profile spotlights Newb World, a longtime player with passion for the story of Aeternum. Newb World covers lore, guides, and unique community events on their YouTube channel. When they’re not capturing footage for series like The Story of New World, they run dailies, work towards top tier trophies, or jump into any content depending on their mood. Here’s how Newb World found their niche on Aeternum.

Check back for the full interview on May 16.

XP Bonuses

Travel to the Eternal Isle each weekend for bonus XP events. Our first bonus will run from May 17 (9AM PT) until May 20 (9AM PT). It includes double Gathering (Fishing, Harvesting, Logging, Mining, Skinning) XP and Character XP.

Thank you for joining the event! Check back next Monday for a glimpse into upcoming activities. We’ll see you in Aeternum.

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