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ELLE UK Exclusive: Sofia Richie Talks Pregnancy Style And Dressing Her Daughter



Few can claim to have had a sartorial impact on the way we all want to dress now more than Sofia Richie. Since her 2023 nuptials and the launch of her TikTok channel, the 25-year-old has become a fashion star firmly in the spotlight. So, it’s of no surprise that she’s secured one of American fashion’s most salubrious positions as the latest ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger.

In taking on this two-year role Richie follows in the footsteps of Gigi Hadid and Zendaya in more recent times, and Aaliyah before that. ELLE UK spoke exclusively with the mother-to-be of the moment about personal style, and working with the Tommy Hilfiger team…

…On Changing Her Personal Style

‘It’s evolved a lot over the past five years. I really took a step [towards] finding something I felt comfortable in, and for me that is more classy, more elegant, cool and simple.

‘I’m not trying to do the most. I’m really just trying to tone it down, but still have a classic, elegant twist to it.’

Gotham//Getty Images

…On Having Style Influence

‘It’s the most flattering thing ever, I’m extremely flattered.

‘I’m in shock and awe that people love it so much and are so interested. It’s definitely surreal. I didn’t really think people would really connect as much as they have. It’s really, really refreshing and nice for people to be interested.’

…On Pregnancy Style

‘It’s funny because when I got pregnant, I was like: “Am I going to change how I’m actually dressing because I’m pregnant?” And the answer is: “no”.

‘Obviously, you have to find things that fit when you’re pregnant because you’re a growing body, but I really plan on just staying in this lane that I’m very comfortable in and I’m not going to expand kind of far out of that. I’m just going to stay where I’m comfortable.’

sofia richie grainge pregnancy style

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin//Getty Images

…On Dressing Her Daughter

‘You know what? I’m so excited to dress her. It’s the number one thing that I’m the most excited to do when she’s little. I’m excited to have fun with it.

‘I’m not going to dress her simple and elegant. I’m going to let her be a fun little kid. If she wants to dress fun, she can dress in tutus or however she wants, but as she gets older, we’ll talk about what she feels is comfortable wearing and what makes her feel good. If that relates to how I dress, then great, she’ll have a great wardrobe to pick from but if not, she’ll, she’ll find her own way.

…On Style Advice For Her Daughter

‘My advice to her will be do what feels right to you and don’t look to others to influence you. Do what feels good, do what makes you feel confident and comfortable, and you don’t need to follow in what’s working for other people to get there. That’s a mistake I made, I looked around too much and I didn’t really look to myself.’

…On Her First Memories Of Tommy Hilfiger

‘I have a lot of first memories with Tommy, just being an American girl my parents would buy me Tommy clothing when I was much younger. I actually, worked with Tommy when I was about 15 or 16 years old – it was one of the first jobs I really had ever done.’

sofia richie tommy hilfiger

Kevin Mazur//Getty Images

…On Choosing To Work With Hilfiger Again

‘Tommy Hilfiger is so key to American style. It’s super timeless and classic, and I think that’s what I’m honing in on right now in my personal style.’

…On Following Other Tommy Faces

‘It’s great to follow in good company and people that are iconic American style icons – it’s really cool to be in that lineup. Tommy speaks for itself, and there’s a reason why amazing style icons work with them.’

…On American Style Today

‘American style is a bit more relaxed, it’s not as dressed up as maybe the UK. So it’s kind of finding a cool timeless classic way of doing that and I feel like Tommy does a really good job of kind of elevating a more simple aesthetic.’

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