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Erick Thohir’s Investment In World Sports Clubs: Philadelphia 76ers, DC United, And Inter Milan



JAKARTA – The desire of Indonesian entrepreneurs to invest in the world’s sports business cannot be dammed. Erick Thohir, for example. The owner of the national basketball club, Satria Muda Britama, immediately tried his luck in investing in two world-class sports: basketball and football.

Erick has become the owner of the NBA basketball club, Philadelphia 76ers. Erick is also the owner of the football club, DC United (United States) and Inter Milan (Italy). Erick’s presence is proof that world sports are not just a monopoly of western entrepreneurs.

World-class sports businesses such as football and basketball often promise abundant profits. The narrative of profits attracts all kinds of investors to dominate basketball and world football clubs. NBA Basketball League clubs in the United States (US) are a fight.

The same condition applies to football clubs from various major world leagues Italian, English, Spanish, and German leagues. Indonesian entrepreneurs do not want to be left behind. One by one Indonesian entrepreneurs began to try to taste the joy of being the owner of a world sports club.

Erick Thohir is the most phenomenal. Entrepreneurs who incidentally exist in the world of Indonesian basketball began to set foot on investing in the Americas. He did not want to lose to western investors by starting to look at investments at NBA basketball clubs. The owner of Mahaka Media then made his choice to the Philadelphia 76ers team in 2011.

Erick’s information became one of the owners of Philadelphia 76ers shocked the Southeast Asian basketball world. He officially joined other investors such as Indonesian entrepreneur Handy Soetedjo and celebrity pair Will Smith-Jada Pinket Smith as the new owner.

Erick’s achievements as the owner of one of the NBA teams were greeted with great fanfare in the archipelago. Erick’s presence is considered a way for young Indonesian talents to compete in the NBA. Erick is also very open to it. He has the same desire.

Erick wants to watch Indonesian basketball players compete in the NBA. He did not want to be called boasting. The President of the Southeast Asian Basketball Association showed his seriousness by challenging young Indonesian basketball heroes to show their talents.

He challenged basketball players who were less than 15 years old and had a height of more than 190 centimeters to register. Erick includes that registration can be made in his email: [email protected].

“I haven’t been able to sleep for the past six months because I kept thinking about this and waiting for the phone. I was quite nervous. I almost cried when I finally got the phone and it means it’s really going to come true.”

This dream come true not only for myself and also for Indonesia but also for the entire Southeast Asia region. Which I hope to be able to play in the NBA one day,” said Erick as quoted on the page, October 20, 2011.

Instead of focusing on investing in the basketball world alone, Erick is actually challenged to invest in the world of football. Erick looks at the football club competing in Major League Soccer (MLS), DC United. The club that is residing in Audi Field, Washington DC is considered to have good potential.

Erick didn’t want to linger. He immediately invested in DC United. Erick then became one of the club owners on August 10, 2012. His desire to develop DC United is the main reason. Moreover, he considers DC United to have great traditions and history in the US.

In fact, Erick’s desire to invest in the world of sports is not enough. He started his big new ambition. This time Erick looks at the big plan to become the owner of the top Serie A team, Inter Milan. He is attracted by the tradition of winning Inter Milan in Italy.

Erick’s desire to buy a club that incidentally won the Champions League three times began to be taken seriously. Ulam’s beloved pinnacle arrives. Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti gave Erick the green light.

The result was brilliant. The agreement between Erick and Moratti to buy the majority stake in Inter Milan was finally reached in October 2013. Erick then officially became the new President of Inter Milan with 70 percent share ownership. Reportedly, the purchase of shares was almost 300 million pounds sterling.

The news of Inter Milan’s purchase was greeted with great fanfare. Erick Thohir is considered capable of bringing Indonesia to be known to the world. Even he is predicted to be able to restore the glory of Inter Milan in the world of football. As happened in the 2009-2010 season.

“Every president leaves his mark. What’s important is that he (Erick) always respects others, outside of his own job, and I think these people also have the same thoughts. They are people who have good intentions and also have good character,” Moratti explained as quoted by The Guardian’s page, October 15, 2013.

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