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Exploring Venus Retrograde: How It Affects Love, Relationships, and Self-Worth – Times of India



Venus retrograde happens when the planet Venus seems to move backward in the sky from our viewpoint on Earth. People believe this has an impact on our lives, especially in love, relationships, and how we feel about ourselves.
During Venus retrograde, relationships might need some thinking. Stuff that’s been hidden might come up, and you might want to think about whether your relationships are working for you.If there are problems, this could be a time to talk about them and try to fix things.
Also, during this time, you might think a lot about love. Old feelings for someone might come back, or you might think about past relationships. But it’s important to be careful and think about whether going back to the past is a good idea or if it’s better to move forward.
Venus retrograde can also make us question ourselves and what we think is important. You might wonder about what makes you happy or what you really want in life. It’s a time to think about your values and what’s most important to you.
Each time Venus goes retrograde, it’s in a different zodiac sign, which can change how it affects us. For example, if it’s in Aries, you might feel more impulsive or argumentative in your relationships. If it’s in Cancer, you might focus more on family and feeling secure emotionally.
To deal with Venus retrograde, it’s important to be aware of your feelings and talk openly with your partner or friends. Take time for yourself and do things that make you happy. It’s also good to think about what you really want in life and make sure your actions match your values.
Venus retrograde is a time to reflect on love, relationships, and what’s important to us. By taking this time to think and communicate openly, we can learn more about ourselves and grow in our connections with others.

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