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Fan Favorite Shae Robins Returns to Great American Family to Travel the World in ‘Passport to Love’



Actress Shae Robins has become a fan favorite among viewers of Great American Family since the network relaunched back in 2021. Robins quickly became a favorite within the network and starred in Great American Family’s popular Destined at Christmas movies opposite Casey Elliott.

The network is so confident in Robins’ appeal that they’ve centered their Valentine’s Day programming around her with her two Destined at Christmas films scheduled as a lead-in to her latest movie, Passport to Love.

Here’s everything we know about Passport to Love including a Parade exclusive sneak peek.

What is Passport to Love about?

A successful international travel writer, Nicole (Shae Robins), has scored a dream seaside rental to research her newest vacation article only to discover it has accidentally been booked also by Kade (Mason D. Davis), a marketing rep for a competing travel magazine. There is an immediate spark between the pair until each returns home to discover Kade’s company views Nicole as a rival and threat and orders him to exploit the friendship for business gain. Work causes the pair to cross paths repeatedly until Nicole and Kade realize they have much more in common than love of travel.

Meet the cast of Passport to Love

Shae Robins (Nicole)

Robins is fairly new to acting, with a small role as a “waitress” in an episode of Yellowstone listed as her first credit before diving into the network rom-com game with supporting roles in Romance in the Outfield and Love in Aruba before starring in Identical Love on Great American Family.

Mason D. Davis (Kade)

Davis also appeared in an episode of Yellowstone but also had a small role in Wind River, one of Taylor Sheridan’s first directorial efforts. He has also appeared in My One True Love, Cryo, and Quarantine for Two.

Fun fact: Davis and Robins previously starred together in Identical Love on Great American Family.

Will there be more Destined at Christmas movies?

Yes! Great American Family has announced development on a third movie in the “Destined” trilogy. The currently untitled “Destined” film will premiere during the Great American Christmas lineup in 2025.

How can I watch the Destined at Christmas movies?

You’re in luck! As a lead-in to Passport to Love, Great American Family will air encore presentations of Destined at Christmas and Destined 2: Christmas Once More on Saturday, Feb. 10 at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. ET, respectively.

When does Passport to Love premiere?

Passport to Love premieres on Saturday, Feb. 10 at 8 p.m. ET on Great American Family.

Does Parade have a sneak peek of Passport to Love?

Put a stamp in your passport for this Parade exclusive sneak peek of Passport to Love below. Check it out!

Check out these select images from Passport to Love

Take a look at these select images to Passport to Love which include some Behind-the-Scenes images with Shae Robins.

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