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Google is sending final reminder to these users in the US – Times of India



Attention Dropcam and Dropcam Pro camera users, as well as Nest Secure home security system owners: a critical update concerns you. Tech giant Google behind these products, is issuing a final reminder that these security solutions will stop working starting April 8.
“About a year ago we announced that support for Dropcam, Dropcam Pro, and Nest Secure will end on April 8, 2024.Since then, we’ve reached out to impacted users through a series of email communications and in-app messages to help prepare for this transition, and to provide special offers based on eligibility,” said Google.
“As we look at what it takes to support your home security needs going forward, it has become increasingly challenging to continue to update these products given the outdated hardware. So we made the difficult decision to stop support for Dropcam and Dropcam Pro starting April 8, 2024,” added the company.
The Dropcam and Dropcam Pro were launched in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Users will not be able to connect these cameras with the Nest app starting April 8. Also, users will not be able to record video post the above mentioned date. However, users will be able to access the video history after April 8.
Additionally, the Nest Secure security system will be affected by the discontinuation. Users meeting eligibility criteria should have received an email offering a Self Setup system from ADT (up to $475) or $200 to utilise in the Google Store. This offer is valid until May 7, 2024.

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