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History of Casino Development in Canada – Cult MTL



History of Casino Development in Canada – Cult MTL

Land-based gambling clubs appeared in Canada as early as the mid-20th century. Virtual casinos began to develop much later. Today, the gambling industry sees its future in the online sphere. This is confirmed by the emergence of a large number of new operators, providers and auditors.

What did the first virtual casinos look like?

Today, the best online casinos Canada have nothing in common with their pioneers. Modern gambling platforms are full-fledged social networks with a regular audience of players. Differences are noticeable in the game assortment, technical base, and feedback.

The first attempts to create an online casino in Canada were doomed to success. In the early 2000s, online gambling was a tantalizing exotic. Everyone wanted to not only spin slot machines from his computer but also to try to hit the jackpot and not go to distant Las Vegas.

Gambling curiosity led to the financial ruin of many. The first virtual gambling clubs in Canada were not controlled by anyone. The lack of a regulator puts gamblers in a vulnerable position. The operator could delete a player’s account without explanation.

How were online casinos legalized in Canada?

The legalization of the gambling business began in the 2010s. Then the problem of cheating gullible users became acute. In addition, experts began to sound the alarm. Gambling addiction walked across North America like an epidemic.

Gambling analysts know that a complete ban will only exacerbate the situation. Strict laws motivate the development of a grey area, where more illegal platforms with fake slot machines appear. Fraudsters tweak the random number generator of slots and leave the honest gambler no chance of success.

Today, Canada has a general regulator that sets the basic rules of regulation. There are also regional controlling companies, which can already exhibit narrowly specific requirements. For example, some provincial authorities forbid online casino customers to top up from credit cards. Others only allow a certain amount of deposits to be spent per month. 

Flexible regulations helped to block dubious projects and give life to honest and safe operators. Today, it is these brands that get into independent ratings and are on the rumour in the gambling environment.

What do modern online casinos in Canada look like?

An up-to-date virtual casino in Canada will outlast any land-based gambling club in the US. Operators of online gambling platforms have learnt to create versatile web portals where a player can get everything he needs to play for money.

Today, online casinos offer customers:

  • Thousands of slot machines. Some gambling projects range includes more than 7000 slots.
  • Different levels of bonuses. Beginners take away only the first batch of gifts. New promotions are waiting for active visitors every 7 days.Fascinating tournaments. Casino operators hold online competitions with jackpots of more than $200,000,000.
  • Sports betting. Modern bookmakers and virtual casinos work together. A user bets on sports and spins slots from one account on one site.

In recent years, the gambling industry has moved along with mobile technology. Each top brand has a branded mobile app and a functional website with an adaptive design. Slots developers initially orient their games to the characteristics of the latest versions of iPhone and Android smartphones

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