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How US Woman Turned Rooftop Grocery Store Sign Into Home, Lived There For A Year



A Family Fare store in Midland, Michigan

Photo : AP

A homeless woman in Midland, Michigan, turned the rooftop sign of a Family Fare grocery store into her home for almost a year. The discovery was made by a contractor working on the building, who found an extension cord leading to the roof of the building.

The 34-year-old woman had transformed the space behind the store’s sign into a cosy living area. The police were confused about how she accessed the small space, but upon investigation, they found flooring, a mini desk, and even household appliances like a coffee maker and computer inside.

The woman had even managed to connect to the store’s electricity supply for power. Regardless of having a job, she decided to go with this unconventional living arrangement. However, after being found out, she agreed to vacate the premises, and no charges were filed against her.

Brennon Warren, the spokesperson for the Midland Police Department, who found the woman, offered her information about local homeless shelters, but she declined the help. Spartan Nash, the parent company of Family Fare grocery store, expressed sympathy for the situation and highlighted the broader issue of affordable housing.

According to Warren, contractors working on the roof of the Family Fare Supermarket in Midland found the woman on April 23. “The contractors had seen an extension cord leading from one of the rooftop units to this particular sign where she had been living,” he said, reported USA Today.

The sign the woman was residing in is not like typical signs seen on the sides of stores like Target or Walmart, Warren pointed out. Instead, it is placed within a 10 to 15-foot hollow peak at the top of the supermarket’s roof, with a 3 by 4-foot access door located behind it. “It’s definitely big enough to kind of get into,” Warren added.

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