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Illinois’ $400M Casino Build Stalled by Legal Woes



Full House Resorts is on the brink of a glamorous expansion with its plans to construct a sprawling $400 million casino resort, American Place, set to rise in the heart of Waukegan, Illinois. However, the project is currently at a standstill due to legal entanglements. A lawsuit initiated by the Forest County Potawatomi Community has cast a shadow over the eagerly anticipated development, challenging the approvals by the Illinois Gaming Board and the Waukegan municipal authorities. This legal battle has postponed the commencement of construction for this luxury gaming oasis aimed at attracting a high-roller clientele.

The epicenter of this legal stalemate is the Potawatomi’s claim, essentially arguing that they’ve been wrongfully sidelined in a bid that they believe was tainted by unfair practices. Their allegation that the hand of favoritism played a role in deciding the outcome of the bidding process has sparked intense scrutiny and debate, drawing in figures from the city’s municipal hierarchy to the state judiciary.

Despite these hurdles, Full House Resorts remains optimistic, touting the temporary setup of ‘The Temporary by American Place’, allowing guests to indulge in an array of gaming experiences, even as the larger vision lies in wait. The ephemeral nature of this setup is anchored by Illinois gaming laws, which dictate a maximum two-year operation term for such provisional establishments, ticking the countdown for American Place’s official debut to February 17, 2025.

At this juncture, the unforeseen stalemate has prompted legislative intervention, with Illinois lawmakers stepping in to propose amendments that could grant American Place a crucial timeline extension. This clemency would hinge on the culmination of ongoing litigation, a factor obstructing Full House Resorts from securing essential financing to fuel the resort’s rise.

Envisioned as the ultimate luxury gaming getaway, American Place promises an exceptional experience complete with world-class restaurants, a bustling entertainment amphitheater, and a boutique hotel with lavish suites dubbed The Mansion designed with the VIP gamer in mind—all stymied, for now, awaiting resolution of the Potawatomi challenge.

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