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Kai Cenat Hosts E-Dating Show For Man Whose Girlfriend Danced With Omah Lay On Stage



Kai Cenat Hosts E-Dating Show For Man Whose Girlfriend Danced With Omah Lay On Stage

Kai Cenat, a well-known YouTube streamer recently organised an E-Dating show for a man whose now-former girlfriend got on stage to participate in a steamy dance with singer Omah Lay. Moreover, Kai presented the man with $20K.

The Context

At a recent concert, musician Omah Lay brought a woman up on stage to dance with him in a video that has since gone viral. The couple could be seen moving closer as the dance was shown as a silhouette. As it happened, the dancing woman attended the event with her boyfriend, who witnessed the entire incident in real time. The woman who went up on stage has faced an unforgiving barrage or criticism and scrutiny for her action and has since issued and apology. But it in no way helped her getting her former lover back.

After the incident went viral, Kai Cenat expressed sympathy towards the man who went through the entire experience first hand. The internet celebrity called the man over to his livestream and helped him find love, again. Although Kai’s E-Dating stunt has also been subject to controversy.

The Format

Upon evaluating twenty ladies, the man was forced to select between two final participants, namely, Sevyntv and Jaz. In the end, he chose Sevyn.

Who is Sevyntv

Sevyntv, a popular social media user with a sizable fan base across platforms, was victorious in the competition. She has more than 23,000 followers on X and over 60,000 followers on Instagram. She has more than 43,000 followers on her TikTok account. In addition, she posts videos to her YouTube account, where 2,300+ fans watch her films, as reported by Sportskeeda.

SevynTv ‘Catfishing’ AllegationsFollowing her appearance on Kai’s stream, she gained popularity. Since then, a lot of netizens have been stalking her on social media, discovering pictures of her from her “GRWM” or “Get-Ready-With-Me” videos that she posted without makeup. She has since been the target of “catfishing” allegations.

The Counters

Many others are refuting the criticism, arguing that wearing cosmetics is not the same as catfishing.

Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat is renowned for his innovative approach to streaming and has never been afraid to experiment with different formats and teaming up with new people to keep things interesting. To the delight of his followers, Kai recently made a significant announcement: he was going to work with sports powerhouse Nike to create “Kai x Nike” clothing.

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