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Kevin Feige Introduces Action-Packed ‘Captain America 4’ Footage at CinemaCon



Kevin Feige and Anthony Mackie traveled to Las Vegas to introduce Captain America: Brave New World, the Marvel Studios movie that puts the actor in the starring role.

Feige called back to Captain America: The Winter Soldier as something fans still talk about, because it was a relatively grounded action thriller. He said Cap 4 would follow that tradition and showed a new clip.

Mackie has played hero Sam Wilson since 2014’s The Winter Soldier and appeared in multiple Marvel movies before headlining his own series, the Disney+ show Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which bowed in 2021. It told the story of Sam coming to grips with the idea of him becoming Captain America as a Black man in America after his friend Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) retires.

The new film picks up with him fully into his new role as Cap. It’s directed by Julius Onah, and introduces Harrison Ford to the MCU, with the actor taking on the role of Thunderbolt Ross, previously played by the late William Hurt in other MCU projects. Danny Ramirez is back as Joaquin Torres, a young man who picks up the role of Falcon from Mackie’s Sam Wilson. Liv Tyler, Tim Blake Nelson, Carl Lumbly and Shira Haas also star.

The clip opens at the White House, where Sam Wilson has been summoned by Thunderbolt Ross, who is now president. He asks Sam to help him rebuild the Avengers. The footage then jumps to Ross thanking Captain America and Phoenix for helping with a crisis. Suddenly, loud music begins playing in the meeting, to Ross’ confusion. The music somehow manages to trigger something in former soldier Isiah Bradley, who attempts to kill the president.  

The footage was of particular interest given that after several years of pumping out films and TV shows, Marvel has pulled back on its output in order to refocus and recalibrate. It only has one film out this year, with Deadpool & Wolverine arriving in July, and just two films next year. Captain America 4 arrives Feb. 14, 2025, while Fantastic Four follows July 25, 2025.

At the end of the clip was a sizzle reel, with Ross telling Sam, “You’re not Steve Rogers.” Sam responds, “I’m not.”

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