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KSA to enforce stricter regulations on illegal gambling machines



The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) is cracking down on illegal gambling machines by enforcing stricter regulations and requiring operators to rectify violations within two weeks.

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has announced stricter enforcement measures against the illegal placement of gambling machines. This decision comes in response to regular reports of operators not complying with the requirements of their slot machine operating licences.

When such violations are detected, the KSA will require operators to correct them within two weeks.

In the Netherlands, at least two permits are needed to place a slot machine in a catering establishment or arcade. Operators must obtain a licence from the KSA to operate slot machines and a presence permit from the municipality where the machines will be installed. The KSA licence mandates that gambling machines can only be operated in establishments with a municipal attendance permit.

The attendance permit from the municipality is reportedly crucial as it ensures several protective measures are in place. Applicants must develop policies to prevent gambling addiction and restrict minors from using the machines.

The integrity of the applicant, business leaders and site managers is also assessed. Without this permit, these protective measures may not be enforced, which the KSA considers a significant risk.

The KSA’s stricter enforcement aims to ensure compliance with these regulations and maintain the protective conditions associated with slot machine operating licenses.

Earlier this May, the KSA reprimanded two sports betting sites for violating the role models ban, which has been in effect since 30 June 2022. This ban prohibits the use of public figures, such as professional athletes and influencers, in gambling advertisements to protect young people from being targeted. 

The violations involved an online sports betting provider offering players the chance to win a t-shirt of a well-known footballer and another company using images of a famous actor to promote an online game. Both companies have since addressed these violations.

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