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Kyles for miles: ‘Kyle Fair’ seeks to break world record in namesake Texas city



Prepare for a pile of Kyles.

Thousands of Kyles will travel for miles to their namesake Texas city this weekend in hopes of smashing the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people with the same first name. 

The “Kyle Fair A Tex-Travaganza” will need at least 2,326 people named Kyle — with that particular spelling — to break the record, a goal festival organizers have set their sights on for half a decade.

The “Kyle Fair A Tex-Travaganza” aims to break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people with the same first name. instagram/kyletxchambervb

“Last year, we were blown away by the amount of Kyles who showed up in honor of their namesake. Nearly 1,500 Kyles answered the call, but we need even more Kyles to break the record in 2024,” Claudia Rocha, Kyle Fair Special Events Manager, said in a statement.

“Kyles, you’re our only hope to bring the Guinness World Record for the largest same-name gathering, first-name-only, to American soil and firmly in the hands of Kyles worldwide.”

The Kyle cabal — fittingly taking place at Lake Kyle Park — is looking to dethrone the group of 2,325 Ivans who gathered in Bosnia and Herzegovina in July 2017.

The effort will mark the Kyles’ fifth attempt at topping the record, first starting with 100 people in 2017, when the rules were slightly more lenient and allowed similar names like Kyler and Kylie, or people whose middle names are Kyle, to participate.

At least 2,326 Kyles need to show up to claim the title. kylefair

The Kyle Fair’s numbers dwindled in the following two years, with only 34 and 27 Kyles, respectively, answering the call.

After a brief break, the Kyles came out strong in 2023, with 1,490 Kyles from 49 states and even Canada showing up for the event, but still falling short by 836.

The three-day Kyle-ganza is not all about the Kyle counting, however.

The extravaganza is fittingly taking place at the City of Kyle in Texas. cityofkyle

Concerts, cooking competitions, fair rides and performances are slated to fill up the weekend, and even a 5K is on the docket — all of which is free to all.

All the hubbub will be at a standstill at 1 p.m. Saturday, however, when the Kyle counting is set to begin.

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