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Letter: Senator Cramer fights to fund infrastructure and expedite permitting



Infrastructure and energy investments are crucial to building a stronger economy and more vibrant communities here in North Dakota and across the United States. However, the current permitting process is complicated and slow, costing the people of North Dakota valuable time and money.

That is why U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer’s support for permitting reform is so important. A simplified permitting process would promote economic development by moving critical infrastructure and energy projects forward in a timelier, more efficient way.

An example of an infrastructure project that we all want sooner than later: The 42nd Street Grade Separation Project to Improve Efficiency, Connectivity, Equity, and Safety (PIECES) in Grand Forks. This project involves The North Dakota Department of Transportation receiving upwards of $30 million to improve walkways and sidewalks on the street. This project will reduce 131 hours of vehicle delays and improve access to the hospital, the University of North Dakota campus, and more.

Senator Cramer deserves applause for his work on permitting reform and his role in securing funding for critical energy and transportation infrastructure in North Dakota.

Jacob Benson, Grand Forks

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