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Love Takes Flight: American Couples Embrace Valentine’s Day Travel Trend



This Valentine’s Day, love is in the air – and American couples are taking flight to celebrate. According to a recent report by Allianz Partners USA, a growing number of couples are choosing to spend the holiday abroad, with a 15% increase in travel searches for Valentine’s Day from 2023.

The Love Travel Trend

The Allianz Partners USA report, which analyzed over 900,000 flight itineraries departing from US airports during the Valentine’s holiday, reveals a 4% increase in international bookings for the 2024 Valentine’s Day season. While 70% of itineraries are for domestic travel, American couples are seeking to escape the winter chill in favor of tropical destinations.

Top Romantic Getaways

When it comes to international travel, the report highlights Cancun, San Jose del Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico as top destinations. Punta Cana and Montego Bay are also popular choices for couples looking to kindle their romance in the Caribbean sun. But it’s not all about beaches and sunshine. For those seeking a more culturally enriching experience, Italy, Bora Bora, Paris, Greece, Iceland, Tanzania, Vietnam, and Bali are also among the most sought-after destinations.

Travel with Peace of Mind

With the increasing popularity of Valentine’s Day trips, travel insurance is becoming an essential part of couples’ travel plans. Allianz Partners USA recommends protecting your investment against unexpected delays, cancellations, and baggage loss, ensuring that your romantic getaway remains stress-free and full of love.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s clear that American couples are embracing the love travel trend, seeking to create unforgettable memories in destinations near and far. Whether you’re dreaming of a tropical escape or a cultural adventure, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let your wanderlust take flight.

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