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Major Travel Agencies Halt Sales of American Queen Voyages’ Cruises Amid Maintenance Delays and Financial Turbulence



American Queen Voyages, a prominent river cruise line operating on the Mississippi, has been compelled to suspend its February sailings due to unforeseen delays in maintenance. This development has led to a significant rift with several influential travel agencies, who have chosen to halt the sale of American Queen Voyages’ cruises.

A Triad of Travel Giants Withdraw Support

Signature Travel Network, Pleasant Holidays, and AAA Travel are among the esteemed travel agencies that have ceased selling American Queen Voyages’ cruises since November 2023. The decision comes in response to a myriad of service-related issues and the non-payment of commissions.

A Cascade of Complaints

Travel agents have expressed their discontent over a range of issues. These include lapses in communication, mismanagement of pre-cruise packages, and delays in the issuance of travel documents. The American Queen Voyages’ removal from Virtuoso’s preferred supplier list is a testament to the gravity of these complaints.

Financial Turbulence Amidst Acquisition

American Queen Voyages, previously known as American Queen Steamboat Co., was acquired by the Hornblower Group in 2021. The Hornblower Group operates tourist ferries and short tours. However, the acquisition was not without its share of challenges. Prior to the acquisition, American Queen Voyages faced criticism for refusing refunds during the Covid-19 pandemic and for historical tours that omitted the topic of slavery and placed blame on the North for the American Civil War.

The company has acknowledged the ongoing issues and apologized for the inconvenience caused. They attribute these problems to financial difficulties that they are actively working to resolve.

The suspension of cruises and the withdrawal of support from major travel agencies mark a challenging chapter for American Queen Voyages. As the company navigates these turbulent waters, it remains to be seen how they will steer their course back towards smoother sailing.

Key Points:

  • American Queen Voyages has suspended its February cruises due to maintenance delays.
  • Signature Travel Network, Pleasant Holidays, and AAA Travel have stopped selling American Queen Voyages’ cruises.
  • Complaints from travel agents include communication lapses, mishandling of pre-cruise packages, and delayed issuance of travel documents.
  • American Queen Voyages was acquired by the Hornblower Group in 2021.
  • The company is addressing financial difficulties that have led to service issues and non-payment of commissions.

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