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Men’s T20 World Cup: Australian cricket pitches shipped to USA



The pitches used in the United States at this summer’s men’s T20 World Cup will have had quite the journey when the first ball is bowled at the tournament – being transported over 14,000 miles.

They have come in by ship from Adelaide in Australia, via Florida, as organisers run a major global cricket tournament in the USA for the very first time.

Matches will be played at bespoke venues in New York, Texas and Florida.

The opening game between USA and Canada, and the biggest game of the group stages, India versus Pakistan, will both be played in the States.

There are 16 matches being played in the US, with the other 39 being held in the West Indies.

And getting the States ready for cricket is quite the undertaking, especially when it comes to preparing cricket pitches.

“Our aim is to produce pitches that have pace and consistent bounce, on which the players can play their shots,” said Adelaide Oval pitch curator Damian Hough, who has been tasked with growing pitches in Australia and transporting them to the US.

“We want entertaining cricket, but there are challenges.”

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