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Mexico’s Caffenio set to open first US store in Arizona



The 200-store drive-thru operator is planning to open more outlets in Arizona and neighbouring southwest states over the next three years

An artist rendering of the Caffenio store in Mesa, Arizona | Photo credit: Stewart + Reindersma Architecture


Mexican drive-thru coffee chain Caffenio is set to open its first US store this year in Mesa, Arizona. 


The Sonora-based operator shared artist renderings from Arizona-based architecture firm Stewart + Reindersma Architecture, which said it had completed the first ‘prototype store’ for Caffenio’s US debut. A timeframe for the opening has not been disclosed. 

Caffenio will seek further expansion throughout Arizona and neighbouring US states within the next three years, according to local US and Mexican press. 

Founded in 2007, Caffenio currently operates 200 stores across Mexico – the majority of which feature double drive-thru lanes and a priority lane for orders made through the Caffenio app. The chain sources coffee from the Pluma Hidalgo municipality in Oaxaca, southwest Mexico, for its café menu, which features more than 90 hot and iced coffee products. 

Caffenio opened outlets in seven new Mexican cities in 2023, including Terreón, León and Tepic, to reach 28 cities across nine states in its home market. 

World Coffee Portal’s Project Café USA 2024 report forecasts that the 40,000-store branded US coffee shop market will surpass 41,300 outlets by September 2024 and exceed 45,200 in 2028. 

Drive-thru is expected to significantly contribute to outlet growth across the next 12 months, with 831-store Dutch Bros and 750-store Scooters Coffee both seeking to reach 1,000 outlets by 2025. Additionally, Arkansas-based 7 Brew received new investment from New York-based private equity firm Blackstone in February 2024 to accelerate outlet growth across the US. 

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