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Mixed reaction from Tennis fans to Fritz/Paul epic at Acapulco: “Hard to believe this guy is top 5”



Tommy Paul
and Taylor Fritz played the longest match in Abierto Mexicano Acapulco history, but divided
fans with the level of the match.

players are part of the new generation of American tennis. Tommy Paul and
Taylor Fritz have been great childhood friends and had even played each other
in the 2015 French Open junior final (won by Paul) and the US Open junior final
of the same year (won by Fritz).

With Taylor
Fritz ranked in the top 5 in the world and Paul in the top 25, a high-intensity
match was anticipated. The match lasted three hours and 25 minutes, making it
the longest in the history of the tournament and surpassing last year’s match
between Dimitrov and Kozlov, which lasted three hours and 22 minutes. Fan
reactions were divided due to the level of play demonstrated by the Americans.

“That match
had it all. Plot twists. Match points saved. 3rd set comeback from a break
down. Both players cramped. One threw up. Tommy Paul makes 2nd career final but
both and Paul proved they were big time fighters,” said one of the fans on

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“That was definitely one of the best matches of the year. No doubt about it. Just wow! Tommy Paul into the final – congratulations!!”, said another fan.

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But there
were also those who criticized the tennis players:

match. They were tired at the end but prior to that it was straight rubbish.
Fritz looked very average all week. Hard to believe this guy is top 5.”

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Here are
some other fan comments:

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