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NFL Licenses for Online Mobile



NFL Licenses for Online Mobile

The National Football League’s stance on gambling has changed once the owners realized they could make money. Once opposed to any sort of gambling, the league has struck a second deal with Aristocrat Gaming.

  • This time, Aristocrat received NFL licenses for online mobile slots. The previous agreement with the NFL centered on a casino-based slot machine that was released last year.

That’s where the similarities end. The new online slot is expected to be a social gaming venture. Customers buy coins or credits and those are used to win prizes.

The ultimate goal of the NFL may be for the mobile game to eventually become a traditional real-money game. The league is unlikely to issue NFL licenses for mobile gaming if the potential for healthy profits aren’t there.

  • Having NFL-based slot machines in casinos with sportsbooks is an ideal situation for the league. Those who place wagers against the NFL odds could be more likely to play the slot game.

The earlier casino game, “NFL Super Bowl Jackpots,” is a traditional casino game where players can choose their favorite team and win a progressive jackpot worth more than $1 million.

The game was developed with input from the NFL and the NFL Players Association. It features more than six minutes of game video clips and and six fan-favorite stadium anthems that play during key moments.

Features have names like the “2-Minute Drill, Clutch Kick and Cash Blitz.”

“The unveiling of the first NFL-theme slot machines represents an opportunity to bring the League closer to our fans in a new area,” said Joe Ruggiero, senior vice president of Consumer Products at the NFL, said at the time of the first agreement between the NFL and Aristocrat Gaming.

New Agreement Not Formally Announced

  • Neither the NFL or Aristocrat Gaming has announced the new agreement. Several of the technological companies owned by Aristocrat have responded to inquiries.

That is where the social gaming aspect of the new NFL licenses for online mobile gaming came from.

The NFL isn’t going to enter an agreement like this without some carefully crafted plans. The league knows exactly what it’s trying to do here, but isn’t going to come out and say its intentions.

  • It’s more complicated than a sportsbook allowing people to wager on their NFL betting picks.

The league isn’t bashful when it comes to partnership deals and marketing agreements with gaming companies. A number of teams have some type of partnerships with sportsbooks that accept online NFL betting.

NFL owners are allowed to own 5% of a company involved in sports betting operations. The league has partnerships with the online sports betting giants like FanDuel and DraftKings.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise the league is working on deals with slot-based companies. It just makes good business sense.

  • Since the NFL licenses for online mobile gaming details haven’t been released, there’s no estimate on a time frame for the new game.

The league would probably like to see the game in action before the start of the upcoming season. That may be a tough task, but makes some sense for a goal.

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