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Nippon Steel vows to complete buyout of US firm | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News



Nippon Steel’s president reiterated that the company will continue to seek the understanding of the US side to close the deal to buy US Steel.

President Imai Tadashi said at a news conference on Thursday that the plan has become a bigger issue than he initially thought.
But he stressed that he will continue trying to ease concerns among Americans and complete the acquisition.

Imai said that “If the US side correctly evaluates our goal for the acquisition, public sentiment in the US will align with our thinking. We are doing our best to convince American citizens.”

Nippon Steel announced in December that it had agreed to make US Steel a wholly owned subsidiary.
Last month, US Steel shareholders also approved the takeover bid by the Japanese rival.

But labor unions in the industry are against the buyout. US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are also opposed.


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