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Ole Miss white students deride black pro-Palestine protestor with monkey gestures, ‘Lizzo’ chants; Internet fumes



Amid the ongoing protests across the US campuses, the University of Mississippi on Thursday witnessed an unpleasant incident as pro-Israel and pro-Palestine students clashed with each other.

In the video, one of the white men at Ole Miss campus can be seen mocking the black protestor by making monkey gestures and noises at her during the showdown.(X)

A black female protestor, who was supporting Palestine, faced racist taunts by a group of white male pro-Israel demonstrators.

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While the woman was filming dozens of protestors at the campus, some men were heard constantly disparaging her weight. They even hurled slurs and shouted “Lizzo” to make their point.

Republican Representative Mike Collins shared a video of the incident and seemed to approve of the crude behavior, captioning it, “Ole Miss taking care of business.”

In the video, one of the white men can be seen mocking the black protestor by making monkey gestures and noises at her during the showdown.

Miffed by the screams and abuses hurled at her, the woman gave them the finger.

As she continued to film at a closer range, a security guard once stepped in and asked her to return to her side.

The woman was subsequently led away in front of the glowering audience, and cries of “lock her up” were reverberated across the courtyard.

University of Mississippi calls out the incident

In contrast to Collins’ remarks, Ole Miss denounced the incident by calling it “inappropriate” and “offensive”. “Statements were made at the demonstration on our campus Thursday that were offensive and inappropriate. Any actions that violate university policy will be met with appropriate action,” the University said in a statement.

Police were present at Ole Miss during the protest. However, no arrests were made as the atmosphere of the demonstration was largely peaceful.

Meanwhile, former US President Donald Trump released an ad displaying the University of Mississippi incident.

Internet blasts Mike Collins: ‘You’re racist’

Several netizens on X reacted to the shameful incident, with many hitting out at Mike Collins for supporting the unruly behaviour of the white men.

“Thanks for confirming you’re a massive racist piece of shit,” one X user wrote.

“You are a racist embarrassment to the United States,” commented another while demanding his resignation.

“You stand behind calling black people monkeys,” a third user chimed in.

The fourth user added, “Mike Collins approving and promoting racism. You are as disgusting as they are!”

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The altercation occurred as a large group of pro-Palestine demonstrators assembled to denounce Israel’s shelling of Gaza following the October 7 attacks on its territory.

The protestors were demanding that the university disassociate itself from businesses that benefit from the Israel-Hamas war and be open about its ties to Israel.

Police have arrested over 2,000 demonstrators so far at campuses across the United States.

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