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Philadelphia 76ers 126 vs 133 Dallas Mavericks summary: stats and highlights | NBA



The Dallas Mavericks finally gave their fans the performance they had been waiting for ever since Kyrie Irving came to town during the trade deadline. He and Luka Doncic combined for 82 points in the 133-126 shootout victory over the Philadelphia 76ers from American Airlines Center.

No dream start for Dallas Duo

Days were dark in the first five games that superstar Kyrie Irving shared the court with his superstar teammate, Luka Doncic. Dallas lost four of their first five, and there seemed to be more questions then answers as the league’s newest power couple struggled to find any cohesion.

On Thursday night in Dallas, that is exactly what they had. It seemed as though Kai and Luka were forcing the issue over the first few games together, trying to get each other the ball, and not trying to step on one and other’s toes. Against the Sixers, they let the game come to them and it resulted in the best night of the new Dallas Duo era.

Irving had a quick 10 points in the first six minutes of the game and Doncic got going to the tune of 17 points in the opening quarter, but James Harden had the Sixers on the Mavs heels. He scored 16 points and dished seven assists going into the second quarter as the stars were shining bright in Big D.

Dallas downs Philly in third

Luka and Irving continued to pour it on, but had trouble stoping the Sixers on the defensive end, which is nothing new for Jason Kidd’s team. They went into halftime up by four, but came out of the halftime break scorching from downtown. They hit their first five shots and started the second half hitting 9/10 threes to take a 25 point lead that they almost blew at the start of the fourth quarter.

Philly scored the first 16 points of the quarter to dwindle the 19 point Mavs lead down to four just minutes into the last quarter. Kyrie would live up to his reputation as the best fourth quarter scorer in the league, and took over the game in route to a 40 point night. Doncic poured in another 42 as the Mavs fought off the Sixers comeback bid getting a much needed victory to calm the nerves in Mavs nation.

It’s just a first glimpse of what these two, and this team is capable of but for the first time since Kyrie came to town there is more cause for excitement than concern in Dallas. 

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