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Platform tennis an option in Sun City West – Daily Independent



Platform tennis was invented in 1928 at Fox Meadow Tennis Club in Scarsdale, New York. It is played in 57 countries and combines the skills of tennis, squash and racketball. There is no limit to age or skill level and it is usually played in a doubles format.

Sun City West is home to a platform tennis court measuring 44 feet x 20 feet, one-quarter the size of a traditional tennis court, surrounded by a chicken wire fence 12 feet high; the taut fencing allows balls to be played off the wall and remain in play.

A spongy ball measuring 2.5 inches in diameter is used. The ball can be served overhand and is struck with a paddle that extends 18 inches and may have up to 87 holes to improve its aerodynamics. The rules for scoring are the same as tennis.

Sun City West residents interested in trying platform tennis can contact Mike Kosanda, of the Sun City West Tennis Club, at 701-739-3795. Or, visit American Platform Tennis Association

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