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Robert De Niro warns Donald Trump ‘could destroy the world’ and the US



Just across the street from Donald Trump‘s hush money trial courthouse in Manhattan, the Biden campaign held a press conference, including the Hollywood legend Robert De Niro.

Robert De Niro, center, argues with a former President Donald Trump supporter after speaking to reporters in support of President Joe Biden across the street from Trump’s criminal trial in New York, Tuesday, May 28, 2024. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)(AP)

“I grew up here and feel at home in the streets … I love the city.” Reflecting on the tragic events of September 11, he solemnly notes, “The Twin Towers fell just over there,” expressing his profound connection to downtown New York City, De Niro remarked.

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De Niro doesn’t mince words when discussing Trump, accusing him of seeking “to sow total chaos” and labelling him a “tyrant.”

“Donald Trump wants to destroy not only the city, but the country, and eventually he could destroy the world.”

With conviction, De Niro asserts Trump “does not belong in my city. I don’t know where he belongs, but he certainly doesn’t belong here”, dismissing him as a “grubby real estate hustler masquerading as a big shot.”

The Taxi Driver star claimed that the former president “use violence against anyone who stands in the way of his megalomania and greed” and that’s why he joined Biden campaign “because the only way to preserve our freedoms and hold on to our humanity is to vote for Joe Biden for president.”

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“Yesterday was Memorial Day. It’s a good time to reflect on how Americans fought and died so that we may enjoy the freedoms guaranteed to us by a democratic government … Under Trump, this kind of government will perish from the earth,” he said.

Trump ‘will never leave’ White House if he gets in this November: De Niro

De Niro warned, “If Trump returns to the White House, you can kiss these freedoms goodbye.”

“We don’t want to wake up after the election saying ‘What again? My God, what the hell have we done?’” he quips.

“If Trump gets into the White House, he will never leave.”

The 80-year-old actor lauded, “Is that the country we want to live in? Do we want him running this country and saying ‘I’m not leaving, I’m dictator for life’?”

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“This is not a threat. This is a reality.”

De Niro’s words are amplified by the presence of law enforcement officers Harry Dunn and Michael Fanone, who bravely defended the US Capitol on January 6th.

De Niro lauded them as “true heroes” and expressed, “They stood and put their lives on the line to defend this county and our democracy.”

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