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Shaping the way we shop: Is online shopping bad for us?



Shaping the way we shop: Is online shopping bad for us?

In a world that’s chronically online, shopping has become something we can do anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of our own homes. But what do we lose in the process?

This question niggled at Rude to Stare owner Maryanne Young following a jaunt in the lingerie department at Selfridges in London. While having the time of her life between racks of lace and cotton, she realised that with the growth of e-commerce came the destruction of these wonderous physical spaces that welcomed and inspired her to feel her best; that with having the world at her fingertips, personalised shopping experiences that cultivate and encourage connection were being lost and coming home with clothes that actually fit your body and personal style would eventually come down to crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

“With intimates, it’s almost impossible to find the right fit or style to suit you without actually trying the pieces on, touching the fabrics, [and] seeing how your body looks and feels in them,” she said.

“I really feel it’s so important that women still have this service, which is why I wanted to create a sublime physical space as opposed to only being online.”

Her blush pink, mossy green and decadent burgundy shop boasts an impressive selection of luxury brands, touting itself as a destination for lingerie, sleepwear, and shapewear for all sizes and styles, supporting women to be bold in their bodies.

Though at its core is Maryanne’s desire to recreate unforgettable moments of exchange, like the one in Selfridges, which has materialised at her Claremont space where she assists women full-time to experience her joy.

“I felt there was such a gap in the market here in Perth, and you just couldn’t experience all this exquisite lingerie unless you were going overseas to shop. So, I wanted to bring these exciting brands together in one luxurious [and] welcoming space,” she explained.

“I’ve had so many moments that have really made me smile. I had a fabulous woman in her 80s come in, who at first looked around and said, “Oh no nothing in here for me”, but after we’d gotten chatting, she tried on a selection I’d pulled for her and felt so good in them she ended up buying bagfuls of new lingerie.”

Interestingly, Maryanne considers underwear just as important as the other clothes hanging in our wardrobe, each piece telling stories of who we are and what we’re about.

“Lingerie has the power to shift your perception of self; it literally supports and shapes you,” she said.

“Lingerie is not just about sex. It’s not just for men to appreciate or to be seduced by. Beautiful lingerie is for yourself, to make you feel supported and confident. And it’s for fashion; more and more, we blur the line between outerwear and underwear. It’s an extension of buying a dress or a top. It doesn’t need to be about sex at all.”

Her overall advice when shopping for lingerie? Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes and you can look and feel sensational just the way you are. It’s worth finding the time to book a one-on-one appointment. And being mindful and intentional with purchases is the best way to shop.

Though the future of online shopping conveniently allows us to move our fingers up and down our screens with a parcel arriving at our doorstep in no time, like replacing cooking with fast food or walking with driving, does the convenience also kill the meaning and joy of the exercise itself?

Perhaps as technology continues to embed itself in our lives, personal experiences like Maryanne’s will become a commodity, even a necessity, helping us to escape the digital realm and connect with other human beings.

It would be rude not to.

Whether you need a new everyday bra with great support or a total lingerie drawer re-vamp, Rude to Stare would love to serve you, with styles to suit every body. For more information, visit the website.

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