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Shohei Ohtani Dethrones Patrick Mahomes’ $450 Million Contract for the Largest Deal in North American Sports History



MLB phenom Shohei Ohtani finally inked a new deal, one that is just as long as the contract that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes signed in 2020. As a refresher, Mahomes shattered not only an NFL record but a North American sports record with that deal. His $450 million contract was only eclipsed by Lionel Messi’s 2017 FC Barcelona deal globally.

Well, Ohtani broke Mahomes’ mark with plenty of room to spare. The two-way Japanese sensation is staying in the Greater Los Angeles area, however, his talents will now be showcased in Chavez Ravine for the next 10 seasons. The Los Angeles Dodgers secured his talents for a whopping $700 million, an AAV of $70 million per year.

Baseball tends to have larger contracts than every other American sport, yet Mahomes was atop the mountain for a few years. Among the top 20 sports contracts on the globe, Mahomes is the only American football player. The rest of America’s top 10 sports contracts all belonged to MLB players. Patrick Mahomes’ value is on another level, even if his contract is no longer the most lucrative on the continent.

Patrick Mahomes Already has What Shohei Ohtani is Searching For

One thing that separates these two generational athletes is that Mahomes has already won the ultimate prize. Twice. Patrick Mahomes has two Super Bowls (and Super Bowl MVPs) to go with his large contract. One of those championship wins came before signing his record-setting deal.

While Shohei Ohtani has two MVPs to match Mahomes’, but has never played in an MLB postseason game. Ohtani’s pursuit of team success was reportedly a driving force behind choosing his new team. Considering that the Dodgers have 11 consecutive playoff appearances, the world should finally get to see Ohtani in October. All it took was an unprecedented $700 million contract.

Raise your kids to play baseball.

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