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Small business association criticizes Pa. American Water’s proposed water-rate hike



The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) criticized Pennsylvania American Water’s proposed water-rate hike.

On Nov. 8, Pennsylvania American Water said it filed a rate adjustment request with the Pennsylvania Utility Commission, reflecting $1 billion in water and wastewater system investments.

The requested investments would be made through mid-2025 to continue providing safe and reliable service to infrastructure and customers, Pa. American Water said.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission will review the requested rate hike.

In a statement, NFIB State Director Greg Moreland criticized the request:

“Small businesses cannot afford perennial increases to their utilities. Year after year, these increases stretch their bottom line, taking away from their ability to increases compensation or provide additional benefits. It seems like everyone has their hand out for more money by increasing their rates, except the small business owner. This proposal would crush small business, and NFIB stands with the Democratic members of the General Assembly who stood up in protest today.”

Pennsylvania officials, including Sen. Marty Flynn (D-Lackawanna/Luzerne) and State Representatives Kyle Mullins (D-Lackawanna), Bridget Kosierowski (D-Lackawanna) and Kyle Donahue (D-Lackawanna), have protested the increase.

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