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Starmer draws on NATO values to ‘defeat fascism’ in first appearance on world stage



Starmer draws on NATO values to ‘defeat fascism’ in first appearance on world stage

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) convened for the second day of its three day summit in Washington, following on from US President Joe Biden’s forceful opening address pledging to stop Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. 

Commitments around amping up military aid for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s ongoing invasion dominated the summit, with the transnational alliance pledging to do its most to counter Kremlin dominance.

Newly elected British Prime Minister Keir Starmer made his maiden appearance on the international stage, heralding the UK’s continued backing for Kyiv and holding bilateral talks with his European and Western counterparts.

He also visited Capitol Hill, meeting President Joe Biden at the White House, and members of the US House of Representatives.

Here are some key moments from the day. 

Washington Summit Declaration


NATO leaders submitted a 38-point Washington Summit Declaration highlighting key military priorities. (Reuters: Nathan Howard)

The North Atlantic Council, NATO’s chief political decision-making body, issued the Washington Summit Declaration, a statement encompassing the key undertakings of this year’s summit and outlining long term security assistance for Ukraine.

It included 38 points relating to the alliance’s objectives of countering threats to global stability, developing industrial cooperation for nuclear deterrence, accession of its newest ally Sweden, the fight against terrorism, and climate change.

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