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Super Bowl 2024 LIVE: Chiefs vs 49ers – score updates, start time, Usher half-time show, will Taylor Swift be there?



Goodbye from Super Bowl 58!published at 05:05

San Francisco 49ers 22-25 Kansas City Chiefs

Image source, Getty Images

Phew! Now that was tense wasn’t it?

It was a tough one, with both defences really on top all night, but in the end an epic overtime Super Bowl went the way of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The San Francisco 49ers, just as they did four years ago in their Super Bowl loss to the Chiefs, led by 10 points but couldn’t hold on – Mahomes just wouldn’t be denied.

It’s a third win in five years for him and his Chiefs dynasty, and who’s to say they won’t be back again looking for the hat-trick next year?

Anyway, for that’s for another day, so for now we’ll sign off another brilliant season of NFL action. Thanks for joining us through a long night, now go get some sleep!

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