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Tech Professionals Facing Difficulties in Finding Employment in the US | Hyderabad News – Times of India



HYDERABAD: Tech professionals who have taken a hit in the recent round of layoffs are struggling to find employment in the United States, especially those reliant on H-1B visas.
Despite the 60-day grace period after losing their jobs, many techies under the H-1B visa are facing difficulty securing new positions and are forced to return to India or change their visa status to a visiting visa.Those on F-1 optional practical training (student visa) and H-1B (non-immigrant work visa) are finding it hard even to get interview calls.
“After losing my job recently, I couldn’t find a new one within the grace period. I have now applied for a B-2 visa and am actively looking for a job,” said a techie with four years of experience, who has exhausted the H1-B grace period recently.
Another techie, also facing joblessness, said, “We have to move back to India in 15 days or so. I couldn’t find a job during my 60-day grace period.”
Some young tech workers are considering returning to India rather than exploring alternatives like transferring to a tourist visa or seeking assistance from consultancies.
“I am on my 60-day grace period and am considering the option to go back to India after 50 days if I don’t hear anything positive by then. I feel it would be better to find a new role and get my H-1B transferred and re-enter the country instead of a B2 visa,” said a techie, who was laid off weeks ago.
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