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The Best And Worst Airports To Shop At Around The World, Ranked | Digg



The Best And Worst Airports To Shop At Around The World, Ranked | Digg

Shopping can be a fun way to pass pre-flight time at the airport — but, with varying prices, environments and store types, not all airport shopping experiences are created equal. CouponBirds wanted to know which international and domestic airports are the most enjoyable to shop in, so they compiled the 20 highest-ranking airports worldwide, as well as the top ten best and worst in the US to do so.

Based on thousands of SKYTRAX reviews from, the graphics below reveal which airports you’ll want to shop around in while you wait for your flight, and which ones you’re best off avoiding.

Key findings:

  • Ranking higher than any other global airport analyzed, Singapore’s Changi airport is the only place with an average shopping score of more than four out of five stars (4.44).

  • The worst airport for shopping in the US is the Kansas City, Missouri, airport. In fact, the only airport with a lower average score is the Kos and Santorini airport in Greece, with a very poor 1.25 out of 5.

  • The best airport for shopping in the Americas is in Tampa, Florida. It’s the fourth highest-scoring airport of any in the world, boasting a 3.81 average review score.

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best global airports for shopping

best and worst us airports for shopping

Via CouponBirds.

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