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Best and Worst: Saudi-Belarusian influencer Aliona Shcherba talks layers, lists and literature 

DUBAI: Saudi-Belarusian influencer Aliona Shcherba — founder of fashion brand AlRaz — talks layers, lists, and literature and shares the best and worst advice she has ever received.

Best TV show you’ve ever seen?   

Right now, my husband Yazan and I are watching “Manifest” on Netflix. It’s so captivating we can’t wait to finish work every day and get home to see what happens next! But my personal favorite has to be “Gossip Girl.” I love the vibe.  

Worst TV show you’ve ever seen?  

Honestly, anything that came out in the past year. I feel like we aren’t getting any good shows lately and I always revert back to the early-to-mid 2000’s.  

Best personal style moment?    

My Belarus trip last year had some of my favorite winter looks. Living in Saudi Arabia my whole life has made me forget how cold it can get. I loved it. I’ve realized that hats, gloves and boots can totally elevate any look.  

Worst personal style moment?     

Maternity outfits are the worst. I’ve realized it’s much better to buy my regular clothes just a few sizes up. It’s definitely something I’ll keep in mind for my next pregnancy.  

Best accessory for a little black dress?    

A lovely matching set of jewelry with either great shine or a pop of color.  

Saudi-Belarusian influencer Aliona Shcherba helms fashion brand AlRaz. (Supplied)

Worst accessory for a little black dress? 

There’s nothing that I feel wouldn’t look good with it, other than a bad attitude.  

Best fashion trend of 2024?    

I loved seeing bows on everything. They’re so cute and it adds such a nice touch.  

Worst fashion trend of 2024? 

I’m not sure. I love seeing people rock different trends.  

Best advice you’ve ever been given?   

That people will talk about you regardless of what you do, so it’s better to just live the way you want.  

Worst advice you’ve ever been given?   

Anything about accepting things as they are. I’m a big believer in development and think we should always strive for that, rather than just acceptance.  

Best book you’ve ever read?   

I recommend everyone reads “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Green. It’s a great psychological book to really level up in life and understand the mentality of people around you.  

Worst book you’ve ever read? 

I’m not a big fan of fiction unless there’s a message. But books nowadays aren’t very good at delivering a message of any importance.  

Best thing to do when you’re feeling low?    

Spend time with my husband. I always tell him he’s like an angel given to me by God. He can lift my mood in no time. Also, playing with my baby and hearing him say new words is the cutest thing ever.  

Worst thing to do when you’re feeling good?   

To get stuck in the feeling of being too comfortable. Life has its up and downs and you should always be prepared for what’s next and create bigger, better experiences with constant movement.  

Best holiday destination?    

At the moment, I’m really loving anywhere beachy. I haven’t been to the Maldives yet but that’s where I’m heading next. 

Worst holiday destination?    

A holiday, for me, should be something fully dedicated to relaxation. So, I’m not a big fan of going to places to explore. I’d rather be on a beach enjoying the water and sun.  

Best subject at school?    

I loved English literature and poetry, but it was mostly because we had the greatest teacher. She was the first person to challenge my writing; I wrote her a poor essay in ninth grade, which she made me redo a couple of times. After that, I went on to win every single writing competition I entered and built my own blog online.  

Worst subject at school?   

I absolutely hated sports. It was too hot and everyone was so aggressive. And it would always ruin my hair and outfit.  

Best thing to do to ensure you have a productive day?   

Write a to-do list and a list of what you’re grateful for. This works wonders for me.  

Worst thing to do when you’re trying to have a productive day?   

Wait for someone else to accompany you or finish what they’re doing instead of focusing on your own tasks. I feel like important things need to be done alone if you want to be quick and effective.  

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