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These minutes are subject to approval by the City Commission. FARGO CITY COMMISSION MINUTES 2/21/23 Consent Agenda Approved: Commissioner Strand moved the Consent Agenda be approved as follows: 1. 2nd Reading of Ords: Relating to Cigar Smoking in Public Places and Places of Employment Prohibited; Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire; and Relating to Classification of Ord. Violations. 2. Adopt Taxi and Vehicle for Hire Resolution as presented. 3. Changes to Gambling Requirements. 4. Extension of the Class “A” Alcoholic Beverage License for 518 Properties, LLC d/b/a Summit Nightclub until 8/31/23. 5. Gaming Site Authorization for Metro Sports Fdn. at Country Inn & Suites. 6. Applications for Games of Chance. 7. Direct City Attorney to prepare amendments to Fargo Municipal Code, Article 25-15 – Alcoholic Beverages, relating to mandatory meeting. 8. Direct City Attorney to prepare amendments to Fargo Municipal Code, Article 25-15 – Alcoholic Beverages, relating to owner/manager changes and reporting requirements. 9. Direct City Attorney to prepare amendments to Fargo Municipal Code, Article 25-15 – Alcoholic Beverages, relating to signs of impairment. 10. Agreement for Pavement Mgmt. Analysis with Infrastructure Mgmt. Svcs. for Project No. MS-22-L0. 11. Encroachment Agreement with CHI Living Communities. 12. Bid advertisement for Project No. NR-23-B. 13. Work to be performed with Latoka Restorations d/b/a SERVPRO for repairs at FCPH. 14. App. for Assistance to Firefighters grant for vehicle exhaust systems, gear washers and equipment washers. 15. App. for Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response grant. 16. Amendment to Agreement for Svcs. with Great Outcomes Consulting (withdrawn). 17. Notice of Grant Award from NDDHHS for HIV/HCV Counseling, Testing and Referral. 18. Purchase AG. with Elevate Communities for acquisition of 802 32nd St. N. and 3129 7th Ave. N. 19. Purchase SAPI cut rifle-rated trauma plates from Protector Capital. 20. Purchase BallisticBoard backpack insert from Protector Capital. 21. Facility Use AG. with NDDCR to utilize the Fargo Regional Law Enforcement Trng. Ctr. 22. Award Water Main Materials, Misc. Materials, Fire Hydrants/Parts and Misc. St. Materials to Ferguson Waterworks. 23. Awarding of Aggregate Materials, Concrete, Asphalt and Emulsified Asphalt as presented. 24. Purchase wheel loader from Butler Machinery Co. 25. 3rd Addendum to Technology License and Service AG. with DoubleMap, TransLoc. 26. Purchase of 10Transit buses from New Flyer of America 27. Bills. 28. Negative Final Balancing Change Order No. 4 for Imp. Dist. No. BN-21-L1. 29. Prelim. Eng. Svcs. AG. (Quiet Zone Project) with BNSF Railway for Imp. Dist. No. RR-19-A1. 30. Create Imp. Dist. No. AN-22-B 31. Create Imp. Dist. No. PR-23-E. 32. Contract and bond for Imp. Dist. No. BR-23-E1. Second by Kolpack. There was unanimous approval. Resident Comments: Victoria Johnson and Patrick Kelly spoke. Parcels of Land in Duane’s Pizza Addn. Rezoned, PUD Master Land Use Plan Approved, Ord. Placed on 1st Reading and Plat Approved: Commissioner Preston moved approval. Second by Kolpack. There was unanimous approval. Renewal Plan and Dev. AG. for TIF Dist. No. 2023-01 Approved: Commissioner Piepkorn moved approval. Second by Kolpack. There was unanimous approval. Application to Transfer Alcoholic Beverage License from Fargo Suites d/b/a Fargo Suites to Fargo Sunrise Hotel LLC d/b/a Country Inn & Suites Approved: Commissioner Piepkorn moved approval. Second by Kolpack. There was unanimous approval. Application Filed by CEC Entmnt. d/b/a Chuck E. Cheese for an Alcoholic Beverage License Approved: Commissioner Piepkorn moved approval. Second by Kolpack. There was unanimous approval. Update on 32nd Ave. S. Reconstruction Project – Phase 2 (Imp. Dist. No. BR-23-G0): Transportation Division Engineer Jeremy Gorden gave an update. Addl. Appts. to SRC Committee Approved: Commissioner Strand moved approval. Second Kolpack. There was unanimous approval. Appts. for Property Tax Exemptions for Imp. to Bldgs. Approved: Commissioner Piepkorn moved approval. Second by Preston. There was unanimous approval Legislative Update: Bills of interest in the ND Legisture were discussed. Liaison Commissioner Assignment Updates: Commissioners gave reports on Boards and Committees on which they serve. VNDRNAME VNDRAMT A GREENER READ CO $5,550.00 ACCELA, INC $24,880.56 ADVANCED BUSINESS METHODS $125.21 ADVANCED STRIPING AND SEALCOATING $4,890.00 ALL TERRAIN GROUNDS MAINT INC $22,805.00 MATTHEW ALLEN $80.50 ALLSTATE PETERBILT OF FARGO $414.82 AMBASSADOR, INC $925.00 AMERICAN TEST CENTER INC $7,325.00 APEX ENGINEERING GROUP INC $301,232.01 AUTOMATED MAINTENANCE $34,460.00 SAM BAKKEN $134.40 SAMANTHA BEAUDRY $37.34 LOUISA BERGMAN $135.59 BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF NORTH $1,145,638.16 BRANDT INSTRUMENTS, INC $13,880.00 RACHEL BURNS $230.56 BURSKI EXCAVATING, INC $219,255.24 CAPFIRST EQUIPMENT FINANCE, INC $10,267.00 CASS COUNTY FINANCE $7,750.75 CASS COUNTY FINANCE $5,595.46 CASS RURAL WATER USERS DIST $970.78 CHRISTIANSONS BUSINESS $5,498.24 COACHES CHOICE INC $7,121.64 CODE 4 SERVICES, INC $107.25 COMPASS MINERALS AMERICA INC $24,748.27 CORPORATE TECHNOLOGIES LLC $1,150.00 DAKOTA PLAINS MECHANICAL $1,078.79 DAN KOECK PHOTOGRAPHY $1,500.00 DANIELSON, CRAIG $118.19 DAVE PURCHASE PROJECT $1,179.70 DC GROUP INC $5,093.80 HEATHER DEMERS $162.44 DIAMOND LAW FIRM $1,155.00 DIRT DYNAMICS $7,900.00 DOWNTOWN COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP BID $5,434.00 MICHELLE DRAXTEN $21.62 DSI AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS $170.35 ANNABEL DUFAULT $22.00 SUSAN EBELING $131.00 EIDEBAILLY LLP $1,569.60 LORI ELLINGSON $10.00 ENGRAPHIX $333.70 FACTORY MOTOR PARTS COMPANY $1,210.42 FM CITY DEVELOPMENT, LLC $90,865.19 FRAME-KRAFT LLC $880.00 JAMIE FRENCH $190.61 MEGAN GABEL $19.65 GATEWAY CHEVROLET $92.86 GLENNS BODY REPAIR INC $2,060.00 GOLDSTAR SERVICES $2,345.00 GOODYEAR COMMERCIAL TIRE & SERVICE $732.97 GRAYMONT (WI),LLC $30,016.85 GREATAMERICA FINANCIAL SVCS $593.19 DUSTIN HALSNE $80.50 HARVEST SECURITY SOLUTIONS $310.00 HAWKINS INC $34,549.54 HEDGEMASTERS $1,915.00 DALLAS HEIZELMAN $134.40 HIGH PLAINS FAIR HOUSING CENTER $592.29 HIGH POINT NETWORKS, INC $1,034.00 HIGHROAD PARTNERS, LLC $600.00 NORMA HOLIEN $78.60 JAN HOLTE $259.38 DEREK HOUIM $96.94 HUNTER HUBRIG $80.57 IDEMIA IDENTITY & SECURITY USA, LLC $5,446.00 INFOSEND $8,776.46 INTERSTATE PARKING COMPANY OF ND $3,090.50 JEFF’S PLUMBING & DRAIN CLEANING $2,067.00 JOHNSON, HEIDI $155.24 LAUREN JOHNSON $37.99 JOHN KALENZE $134.40 KINDEM ELECTRIC $215.00 DUWAYNE KITTELSON $134.40 LANGUAGE LINE SERVICES INC $107.53 LARSON WELDING & MACHINE CO INC $534.50 LEAGUE OF MN CITIES $352.50 LIBERTY BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC $428.24 LILEKS OIL CO $6,831.77 LINDE INC $2,606.30 CINDY LIUDAHL $38.64 RHYS LUGER $134.40 LYONS CONSTRUCTION $2,694.00 M & J AUTO PARTS & $29.19 TIMOTHY J MAHONEY $543.65 BRENT MALONE R $17.00 MERIDIAN MORTGAGE $11.22 YVAN MILLIEN $41.92 MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS AMERICA $378.74 LYDIA MOORE $197.81 AMY MOSER $68.12 MIKAELA MUND $39.30 ND SACCHO $5,000.00 NDBOA $265.00 NDEMA $50.00 NDSU CLAY TARGET CLUB $25.00 NELSON INTERNATIONAL $449.06 TANNER NELSON $134.40 NEWINTELLIGENCE INC $6,378.75 TRACIE NEWMAN $7,736.00 NEXT LEVEL TINTING $460.00 MEGAN NIES $1,875.00 NORTHDALE OIL INC $46,122.78 NORTHERN ENGINE & SUPPLY CO $1,499.93 NORTHERN TRUCK EQUIPMENT CORP $5,086.28 CHRIS OHMAN $146.07 OLYMPIC SALES INC $2,387.56 OSGOOD CLEANING SERVICES $8,250.00 OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY $2,548.25 POSTMASTER (FINANCE) $332.00 PRESENTATION PARTNERS IN HOUSING $14,517.99 RANDALL’S EXCAVATING INC $17,200.00 RDO EQUIPMENT CO $171.60 REACH PARTNERS INC $11,552.50 RMB ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORIES $615.00 NIKKOL ROESLER $118.56 SANITATION PRODUCTS INC $497,713.11 KARA SCHEER L $156.55 AMY SCHULTZ $100.00 BRAD SCHULTZ $80.50 TIMBER SELE $151.31 SENTRY SECURITY INC $13,587.20 SERKLAND LAW FIRM $188.00 SERVICEMASTER CLEANING $3,121.00 ALISSA SPERAL $36.69 STURDEVANT’S AUTO VALUE FARGO $159.77 ANTHONY STURRE $80.50 SUN ELECTRIC INC $23,250.00 SWANSTON EQUIPMENT COMPANIES $8,812.52 TECH SALES COMPANY $553.00 TYLER TECHNOLOGIES INC $7,400.00 US BANK $985.78 US BANK $2,143.80 VALLEY VETERINARY HOSPITAL $15,650.00 KIM VANCE $74.67 THERESA WAVRIN $14.41 ZACH WEBER $80.50 SIAH WEHYEE $57.79 LEASA WELTER $133.62 WOOD SPECIALISTS INC $2,112.50 XCEL ENERGY $132,804.16 AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE $1,222.34 AXA EQUITABLE $19,140.00 CCE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION $36,877.63 CITY EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION $636.00 COLONIAL LIFE $8.00 CONSECO HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY $41.50 FIREFIGHTER CHARITY FUND $228.50 FIREFIGHTERS LOCAL #642 $6,114.22 WELLS FARGO $94,224.94 JEFFERSON NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE $15.00 MATRIX TRUST COMPANY $12,000.90 MINNESOTA CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENT CTR $1,272.72 ND FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE $3,778.00 NDPERS-NORTH DAKOTA PUBLIC EMPLOYEE $132.29 NORTH DAKOTA UNITED $46.92 PROVIDENT LIFE & ACCIDENT $3,360.79 RED RIVER VALLEY LODGE #1 $1,540.00 SUPERIOR VISION INSURANCE, INC $5,043.54 UNITED WAY OF CASS-CLAY $499.09 ZUNTAFI CORP $259.63 ADVANCED ENGINEERING INC $38,682.54 AECOM TECHINCAL SERVICES, INC $69,243.66 ALLSTATE PETERBILT OF FARGO $535.44 AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS $267.48 BRAUN INTERTEC CORP $2,768.75 CAPFIRST EQUIPMENT FINANCE, INC $95,376.00 CARDINAL HEALTH 110, LLC $3,681.73 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC COOP $115,141.48 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE $40,918.00 CASS RURAL WATER USERS DIST $29.70 CC STEEL, LLC $133,421.23 CENTER FOR PUBLIC SAFETY EXCELLENCE $5,940.00 CERNA, MELISSA $9.99 CORPORATE TECHNOLOGIES LLC $9,993.75 CORWIN CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP RAM $1,794.04 DAKOTA PLAINS MECHANICAL $4,067.87 DAWSON, STEPHEN R $380.00 DIRT DYNAMICS $60,900.00 DONS CAR WASHES INC $125.68 DOYLES YELLOW CHECKER CAB INC $4,417.46 KAREN EISENHARDT $106.55 ENGRAPHIX $38.45 ENZ, AMANDA $16.99 ERIK R JOHNSON & ASSOCIATES LTD $5,875.00 EULL, DESTINY $262.00 EXPERIAN INFORMATION SOLUTIONS INC $115.12 FACTORY MOTOR PARTS COMPANY $1,792.76 FARGO FREIGHTLINER $297.78 FARSTAD OIL – PARKLAND USA CORP $1,754.06 FLETCHER, CHRISTINA $10.95 FM COALITION TO END HOMELESSNESS $500.00 GA GROUP, PC $4,000.00 GAST CONSTRUCTION CO INC $31,825.00 GATEWAY CHEVROLET $72.32 GOODYEAR COMMERCIAL TIRE & SERVICE $2,848.42 GREAT NORTHERN ENVIRONMENTAL, LLC $170.05 GREENWAY HEALTH LLC $400.00 MICHAEL HAWLEY $576.00 HEDGEMASTERS $1,690.00 HIGH POINT NETWORKS, INC $5,984.50 HONL, JIM & SUSAN $1,267.53 HOUSTON-MOORE GROUP LLC $414,243.07 WENDY HOYEM $38.00 INDUSTRIAL BUILDERS INC $27,895.61 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT $772.85 INLAND TRUCK PARTS $870.21 INNOWATTS, INC $2,000.00 JDP ELECTRIC INC $7,112.62 JK LUBE, INC $1,158.00 AARON JOHNSON $168.90 KILBOURNE GROUP LLC $2,774.63 LARSON WELDING & MACHINE CO INC $487.47 GRANT LARSON $20.96 LEGACY PLUMBING LLC $8,415.00 LETTER PUBLICATIONS $325.00 LIBERTY BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC $1,245.45 LIBERTY BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC $700.67 LIGHTING PLASTICS OF MINNESOTA $6,623.75 LILEKS OIL CO $910.54 LUTHER FAMILY FORD $7.71 M & J AUTO PARTS & $378.49 MAPLETON, CITY OF $26,454.15 MID AMERICA STEEL INC $1,037.27 MIDWEST SNOW SERVICE $66,132.20 MOEN PORTABLES & SEPTIC $10.00 MOORHEAD, CITY OF (TRANSIT) $8,868.81 MORLOCK, COLEEN $104.59 ND ONE CALL $191.60 ND PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY $3,925.00 NELSON INTERNATIONAL $195.49 NEON LOON COMMUNICATIONS, LLC $15,260.00 NGUYEN, DESTINY $14.00 NOMELAND, ALEX $70.00 NORTHDALE OIL INC $96,666.23 NORTHERN ENGINE & SUPPLY CO $2,214.46 NORTHERN TRUCK EQUIPMENT CORP $3,787.13 NORTHLAND HOSPITALITY LLC $86,562.28 NORTHSTAR SAFETY INC $893.50 NURSE-FAMILY PARTNERSHIP $23,964.00 OLAF ANDERSON CONSTRUCTION $50,137.25 OSGOOD CLEANING SERVICES $7,100.00 OUTDOOR CONCEPTS LLC $78.03 OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY $2,725.15 JORGE PAGAN L $7,500.00 PHREESIA, INC $110.00 PROGRAM ADVISOR SERVICES, LLC $36,375.00 RANDALL’S EXCAVATING INC $12,900.00 ROBINSON, MICHELLE $15.00 CLAYTON ROSCOE $576.00 RYAN, KATELYNN $21.98 SANITATION PRODUCTS INC $250,319.17 SCHMIDT AND SONS CONSTRUCTION INC $194,400.00 SERKLAND LAW FIRM $139,958.33 SIMPLIFILE LC $46.50 SLETTEN, NICOLLET $5.99 SOUTH EAST HUMAN SERVICE CENTER $500.00 SPAID, NICOLE $7.99 SPIKER, ABIGAIL $29.95 SPRENGER, TERRI LEIER $2,845.15 STEIN, ASHTON $70.00 STURDEVANT’S AUTO VALUE FARGO $47.28 SUN ELECTRIC INC $7,426.03 THEIS, ERIN $8.99 LORI THOMAS $244.97 DAIN TITUS $167.69 TOBACCO FREE NORTH DAKOTA $10,000.00 TOSHIBA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS $70.23 TRACKER $700.00 TRI-STATE DISTRIBUTING $69.00 TURF TAMERS $12,835.00 VINCE ULSTAD $105.90 VAGLE, BENJAMIN $17.99 VALLEY GREEN & ASSOCIATES $23,965.21 VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER $44.07 WATTS AND ASSOCIATES, INC $10,490.10 WEISHAIR, CATI $70.00 WEST FARGO, CITY OF $152.97 WRING, CRYSTAL $59.99 XCEL ENERGY $162,668.36 ZIMNEY, KARINA $15.99 $5,498,429.05 (March 8, 2023) 200907

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