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Tim McGraw Slammed For Partnering With Planet Fitness: ‘Can’t Believe’



Tim McGraw Slammed For Partnering With Planet Fitness

Photo : Twitter

County singer Tim McGraw announced his association with Planet Fitness on social media with a video clip and an offer for his fans. However, the 57-year-old is being slammed on X, platform formerly known as Twitter, for his endorsement of a brand that has been under the fire over the past few months.

McGraw captioned his video: “Getting up and moving is such an important part of my day, so I partnered with Planet Fitness to give my fans a chance to get moving with a special offer. For a limited time, you can get your FIRST MONTH FREE at Planet Fitness using promo code MCGRAW.”

The singer and songwriter further added: “And when you join online, consider supporting the Judgement Free Generation® initiative to create a better tomorrow by donating to Boys and Girls Clubs of America @bgca_clubs.”

McGraw’s fans immediately slammed him. One person wrote, “Stop lying to us. You got your at-home gym and never stepped foot in a Planet Fitness outside this promo.”

Another fan said, “Aww man, I loved your music and your way of life, but I think you’re aligning yourself with the wrong business! Sorry, but ain’t having it.”

“Can’t believe @PlanetFitness thought they could just hire Tim McGraw for a commercial and everyone would instantly forget they allow men in women’s spaces,” a third one added.

Planet Fitness was under fire earier this year for revoking a woman’s membership after she photographed a trans member “shaving in the women’s bathroom.” The fitness giant released a statement calling its gyms a “judgement-free zone” amid the boycott calls on social media.

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