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Top Tech News Today: AI Chatbots Show Growing Tendency To Mirror Their Users



Top Tech News Today: AI Chatbots Show Growing Tendency To Mirror Their Users

AI Chatbots Show Growing Tendency To Mirror Their Users 

According to US researchers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots are showing a growing tendency to mirror the perspectives of their users. They discovered that these platforms adjust the information they provide based on the identity of the user making the inquiry. “Because people are reading a summary paragraph generated by AI, they think they’re getting unbiased, fact-based answers,” said Ziang Xiao of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

However, Ziang and colleagues challenge these assumptions, citing findings from tests involving 272 participants. These individuals were tasked with using standard Internet searches or AI assistance to write about news topics in the US, including healthcare and student loans.

Vivo Confirms X100 Ultra Will Not Launch In Global Markets

Yesterday, Vivo unveiled the X100 Ultra, boasting some of the most impressive hardware available. The flagship features a 1-inch type main camera equipped with a Sony LYT-900 sensor, along with a 200MP periscope shooter featuring the 1/1.4-inch ISOCELL HP9 sensor. Priced at CNY6,499 ($900), unfortunately, company representatives have confirmed that it will remain exclusive to Mainland China. Contrary to earlier speculations, Vivo has decided not to launch the phone in overseas markets.

Google I/O Conference: Gemini Coming To Gmail On Smartphones

Google is gearing up to add Gemini to a platform where it is highly needed: the Gmail app on smartphones. During its annual I/O developer conference on Tuesday (May 14), the company revealed that starting next month, Workspace and Google One AI Premium subscribers will have access to Gemini for email summarisation within the Gmail app.

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Scam Call Detection Coming To Android

At the annual Google I/O 2024 developer conference on Tuesday (May 14), Google showcased a feature designed to notify users about potential scams while on the call via artificial intelligence (AI). The a new call monitoring feature will notify users if the person they’re conversing with is potentially trying to scam them, prompting them to end such calls.

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OpenAI Announces Latest Free AI Tool, GPT-4o, To Take On Rivals

OpenAI launched its latest AI model, GPT-4o, promising enhanced performance and a more human-like interaction. The release, announced on Monday, marks a significant upgrade to the technology powering the widely used generative tool, ChatGPT. 

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