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Trump in hiding for 10 days while Biden makes 18 post-debate appearances



Trump in hiding for 10 days while Biden makes 18 post-debate appearances

Former President Donald Trump hasn’t been seen on the campaign trail for more than a week as President Joe Biden has made 18 campaign appearances to shore up support after his dismal debate performance.

Trump has been staying uncharacteristically quiet as the fallout continues from the showdown in Atlanta on June 27, spending much of his time at his golf club in New Jersey. As the campaign-imposed deadline to announce his running mate approaches, the ex-president is now expected to attempt to re-enter the spotlight with a couple of rallies planned ahead of the beginning of the Republican National Convention on July 15.

Biden has been trying and failing to stem the bleeding of Democrats calling on him to step aside after he appeared frail in his gaffe-filled debate against Trump, raising serious questions about his ability to lead the country for another term. On Sunday afternoon, several high-ranking House Democrats said they believe Biden needs to step aside during a leadership call, according to The Washington Post.

While campaigning in Pennsylvania on Sunday, Biden attempted to take a shot at concerns that he wouldn’t be able to serve a full second term.

“Dark Brandon is coming back,” he told a supporter in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, referencing a meme depicting Biden as a legislative and political mastermind with laser eyes.

Donald Trump has stayed out of the spotlight as Democrats are in crisis about President Joe Biden’s re-election prospects
Donald Trump has stayed out of the spotlight as Democrats are in crisis about President Joe Biden’s re-election prospects (AP / Reuters)

“I got John Fetterman, I don’t need much else,” he said in reference to the Pennsylvania Senator who campaigned with Biden over the weekend and who has been a vocal supporter of the president amid calls that he step aside.

In a lengthy letter to House Democrats on Monday, Biden insisted that he’ll remain in the race. “The question of how to move forward has been well-aired for over a week now. And it’s time for it to end,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is in wait-and-see mode, happy to keep him out of the limelight as the media focused on the will-he-won’t-he debate within the Democratic Party.

“We’re trying something new and shutting up,” one person told ABC News regarding the strategy of the Trump campaign late last week.

But over the next 10 days, Trump is set to announce his running mate selection and hold two campaign rallies ahead of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. The uncertainty surrounding Biden has now also created new considerations for the Trump team when it comes to choosing a running mate. Trump has already said that he has made a choice in his “mind,” but Biden’s faltering campaign may have changed his calculations.

The Trump campaign’s search for a VP pick has recently focused on North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, 67, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, 53, and Ohio Senator JD Vance, 39.

Trump adviser Brian Hughes said in a statement to The Independent last month that “As President Trump has said himself, the top criteria in selecting a vice president is a strong leader who will make a great president for eight years after his next four-year term concludes.”

He added: “But anyone telling you they know who or when President Trump will choose his VP is lying unless that person is named Donald J. Trump.”

The Biden drama could give the upper hand to the two younger candidates being considered. Ultimately, Vance, the youngest and the closest to the far-right elements of Trump’s base, could be in the best position to take over the former president’s movement.

Lawmakers return to Congress on Monday and will be asked for their reactions to Biden’s stance that he’s staying in the race. The president will also take part in a NATO summit this week in Washington and he’s set to hold a press conference on Thursday where he will undoubtedly be asked about the state of his campaign to remain in the White House.

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