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Trump trial live: Michael Cohen testifies at New York court – BBC News



The questioning has now circled back to a key episode from the beginning of the trial: The meeting between Michael Cohen, tabloid publisher David Pecker, and Donald Trump in 2015

The court previously heard Pecker’s recounting of the three men’s alleged agreement to use the National Enquirer to boost Trump’s presidential bid. Now, we’re hearing Cohen’s version.

“If we could place positive stories about Mr Trump, that would be beneficial. And if we could place negative stories about some of the other candidates, that would also be beneficial,” Cohen says, as he outlines the terms.

Cohen testifies that Pecker also said he “could keep an eye out for anything negative about Mr Trump” and work to keep it “from coming out”.

And who did Pecker say he would get in touch with?

Cohen says Pecker would contact him.

Trump, knowing that Cohen and Pecker already had a relationship, suggested they work together, Cohen testifies.

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