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U.S. warns against traveling to parts of Mexico after kidnapping



U.S. officials are warning residents against traveling to the Mexican state of Tamaulipas after two Americans were killed there.

Mexican officials said Tuesday that two of the four Americans kidnapped Friday in the Mexican border city of Matamoros were found dead. The other
two were found alive in the village of Tecolote, about 15 miles outside Matamoros. One was injured, and the other was unharmed.


2 kidnapped Americans found dead in Matamoros, 2 others alive

The renewed travel warning comes as many Texans head to Mexico for spring break.

The U.S Department of State
advises U.S. citizens against traveling to Tamaulipas, which borders Texas from Brownsville to Laredo, due to the danger of kidnapping and crime. The border state is a popular destination for Americans seeking cheap medication or undergoing lower-cost medical procedures, from cosmetic surgeries to routine dental care.

One of the four Americans kidnapped Friday had
planned to get a tummy tuck surgery in Matamoros.

Gunmen fired on the group’s minivan, which had North Carolina license plates, shortly after the group drove into Matamoros from Brownsville.


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The U.S. government also recommends against traveling to the Mexican states of Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán, Sinaloa and Zacatecas.

U.S. citizens are advised to “reconsider travel to” the state of Chihuahua, which borders El Paso and parts of West Texas. They should “exercise increased caution” when traveling to the states of Coahuila and Nuevo León, which also border Texas. More details can be found

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