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Ugadi: A Fresh Start Aligned with the Stars – Times of India



Ugadi, a lively Hindu festival celebrated on April 9th, 2024, goes beyond just fun. It’s not only a new year for people in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana but also a big thing in astrology. Let’s see why Ugadi is so special when it comes to the stars.
Ugadi happens according to the Hindu calendar, which follows the movements of the Moon and the Sun. On this day, called Chaitra Shukla Padyami, the Earth tilts a certain way on its axis.This means the northern part of the world gets more sunlight, which starts a new cycle. People believe this time gives the Earth a fresh energy boost, like the Sun waking up after a nap.
Ugadi matches up with how the planets are positioned in the sky. Where the Sun, Moon, and other planets are thought to affect what happens in our lives. People who study this stuff look at these positions to see what might happen in the year ahead. It helps us make smarter choices and be ready for what’s coming.
The name “Ugadi” means the start of a new age. People also call Lord Vishnu “Yugadi-Krit,” which means he makes new ages. On Ugadi, people pray to Lord Vishnu for a good year ahead.
Ugadi comes when spring starts and the days get longer. It’s a sign that nature is waking up after winter. The colors and excitement of Ugadi show how everything around us is coming back to life.
Knowing about the stars on Ugadi helps us plan for the year. We can make better choices and grab opportunities that come our way. It’s a time to think about what we want and how we can make it happen.
Even though Ugadi is mostly celebrated in some parts of India, its meaning is for everyone. It’s about starting fresh under the stars.
Ugadi is more than just a fun festival. It’s about tradition, stars, and feeling connected to everything around us. By understanding what the stars are saying, we can start the year right and make it awesome.

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