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United Airlines Eliminates Small Business Rewards – View from the Wing



United Airlines Eliminates Small Business Rewards

American Airlines eliminates their small business rewards program Business ExtrAA on December 15, and has introduced the far less rewarding and more difficult to work with AAdvantage Business in its place. The only upside is that travelers earn an extra loyalty point towards status for every dollar of airfare they credit into a company account that’s part of the program.

American at least is using their program to try to make their co-brand small business card a must-have. United is taking a different tact. United is ending small business rewards.

  • The “PerksPlus” small business program is now only for managed corporate accounts, and PerksPlus tour codes must be added to bookings by a company’s travel management company.
  • Small businesses who book direct with United no longer participate in PerksPlus, and instead become eligible for United for Business. United says companies need to transition by February 1, 2024, with earning PerksPlus points ending on that date. (Points can be redeemed by January 31, 2026.)

For small businesses, the new United for Business discount program offers fare discounts in place of earning rewards.

(HT: Nick B)

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