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US elections: ‘Unlikely if Biden can win this race and Trump wrongly indicted’, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria’s verdict



CNN’s seasoned journalist Fareed Zakaria has made an ominous prediction for Democrats. According to him president Joe Biden is unlikely to win the race to White House and the hush money trial is only helping Trump with his supporters.

Fareed Zakaria has delivered bad news to Democrats, claiming Biden is losing US elections and admits ‘doubt’ that charges would have been brought against anyone but ‘Donald Trump’(AP)

Fareed started his monologue for the show Fareed’s Take on CNN by saying when Biden jumped into the race he expected the strategy to be, “Joe Biden could stand for normalcy and a rising tide of good economic news”. He expected Donald Trump to align with Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis to divide Democrats and force Biden to focus on independents to back him in the swing states. But now he feels things have taken a complete u-turn.

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Senior journalist then goes on to add, Trump is leading in all swing states. All major opinion polls have placed former president in a comfortable position to return to the White House.

Watch: Fareed Zakaria’s take on Joe vs Trump race to power

Polls favour Donald Trump against Joe Biden

Recently, an FT-Michigan Ross poll survey says for 80% voters high prices are one of the biggest financial challenge. 58% disapprove of his handling of the economy compared with 55% the prior month. Basis the rising concerns over financial challenges, immigration voters trust Trump more than Biden. The May survey found 43 per cent of voters preferred Trump, up from 41 per cent last month, compared to 35 per cent who backed Biden, with 16 per cent of voters saying they trusted neither. Even though employment numbers stand at a 54 year low inflation remains a pervasive problem.

Gaza war and its fallout being witnessed in American universities has divided the Democrats. Bernie Sanders vocalised his solidarity with the pro-Palestinian supporters on the back of crackdown by his government. He has also termed it the ‘Vietnam moment for Biden’ and invoked the specter of Lindon Johnson’s decision to not stand for a recontest. However, he says, the analogy is a bit far fetched as Vietnam is not like Gaza where American soldiers were fighting in large numbers.

Fareed: Hush money trial ‘political vendetta against Donald Trump

Meanwhile, he says Republicans are standing behind Trump very strongly. Fareed thinks the trial is in fact helping him with supporters thinking he is being wrongly targeted as a ‘martyr’ with a sympathy wave working in his favour’. It “keep him in the spotlight” and “infuriate his base,” thinks CNN anchor.

Fareed thinks Trump is being wrongly indicted, “I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump.”

A Trump campaign rally in New Jersey, a deep-blue state, drew between 80,000 to 100,000 people on Saturday, according to a Trump spokesperson who spoke with AP News.

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